"Can't Wait to see Shen Yun" in Mississauga, Canada


Shen Yun Performing Arts is touring in Canada.

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Audiences filled the Living Arts Centre for the second night of Shen Yun Performing Arts in Mississauga, Canada.

[Jake Dheer, Station Manager, Rogers TV]:
“I would say it is beyond number one… it was just beautiful from start to finish. You are just awed inspired.”

[Christina Moors, Illustration Student, Sheridan College]:
“It was very exciting. I was anticipating it all day, all week, really.”

[Jeffrey Tulk, Real Estate]:
“the colors just jumped out at me, they were spectacular, the costumes were just amazing.”

Shen Yun brings back traditional culture lost since China’s Cultural Revolution.

[Besime Kallaba, Fitness Group Instructor]:
“The ancient type of attire which brings you back to that era which isn’t very easily done on the platform… It amazes me how the girls could do backflips, front flips and cartwheels up in the air while they’re wearing a dress and they don’t get tangled so that’s a real skill.”

[Jeffrey Tulk, Real Estate]:
“The pink and white costumes really caught my eye, I remember them. The Han dynasty with the very green costumes, I enjoyed those immensely.”

[Simon Milavec, Musician]:
“I love the orchestra, east meets west, right? It kind of blended into one”

Shen Yun’s orchestra combines Western instruments with traditional Chinese ones, for a unique, exceptional sound.

[Sheila Burke, Public Relations, Chemical Company]:
“Chinese culture and to be able to express it in that manner… very beautiful. And the singers. The voices were just beautiful. So we thoroughly enjoyed the show.Very worthwhile, you have to see it.”

This fitness instructor says she’ll encourage her friends to see the show.

[Besime Kallaba, Fitness Group Instructor]:
“I just want to thank Shen Yun and everyone that’s involved from production, to the executives, to the music, to the dancers. I would definitely like to come again. I’m definitely going to be telling my friends about it and probably going to be making some announcements about it at the club, they should see it before the show season closes.”

Shen Yun Performing Arts will give its final performance in Mississiagua on Sunday.

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Date: September 11, 2019

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