Cardi B slams makeup artist MUA Blacswan | Cardi gets exposed for lying!


A makeup artist who goes by the name MUA Blacswan, uploaded a video back in January and opened up about her experience working with Cardi B. She claimed that Cardi mistreated her and refused to pay her for her work.
Cardi went on Instagram live and finally addressed MUA Blacswan’s statements. She made false claims that the makeup artist was unprofessional. MUA Blacswan debunked Cardi’s with receipts of what happened.

(Storytime: My worst client EVER (Cardi B) …sorry not click bait)

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Date: October 6, 2019

46 thoughts on “Cardi B slams makeup artist MUA Blacswan | Cardi gets exposed for lying!

  1. OH and CARDI: you are the PERFECT example as to why NO AMOUNT of money can EVER buy you class!!! Not ever!

    MUA Black swan has more class than you got in the tip of those fugly ass, nasty ass, ghetto ass, FAKE ass finger nails. Ewwww! And even that would be insult to MUA’s beauty, class, talent and good heart.


  2. CARDI B is a piece of shit! No amount of money is EVER worth being treated like garbage! You gotta have way more respect for yourself to EVER EVER EVER Tolerate someone like that!

    MUA Black swan gained a follower and a big fan! My teen kids will NEVER, EVER, EVER support that ghetto trash CARDI Barnyard trash ever again.

    You just do not get away with treating people like that.

    CARDI B…come back to earth bitch…your five seconds of fame will be over soon enough honey. Byeeeeeee bitch!

  3. I love you Black Swawn Cardi B strait up did not let you finish and lied on you I'm sorry you had such a let down experience with some one we hold higher I don't feel the same about her anymore Cardi B whatever you were going through that night Black Swan was TRYING to apply your makeup You should have gave it a rest Paused that bad mood Let Blk Swn DO HER WHOLE JOB COMPLETELY BEFORE YOU BASHED HER
    YOUR Bodack Yellow WAS my hype song going to work I got to change it now.

  4. “ ight whatever you the make up artist , acting like you know what you doing “ I know it was meant to be sarcastic but bitch 😭if she a makeup artist , she must know . Otherwise she wouldn’t have even been recommended .

  5. Lie, Lie, Lie, Lie- Cardi B no thoughts of her own??? Who is it in the Cardi B rant telling Cardi B (in the video) what to say???

    Learn from your experience; Cardi B needs a make up artist…. response: OH HELL NO!!!!!

    Cardi: I respect all my MUA

    Cardi: I told her to get the fuck out!!!!

  6. She said shes respectful to all her makeup artists. Look at her face just recording and moving her face away from the mua who was doing her makeup then. She doesnt even have an adequate amount of respect for any muas. Girl gotta be more grateful in her situation.

  7. What did you expect?

    Cardi B is human garbage.

    Add to this the fact she knows has an even more inflated opinion of herself, and it's not surprising she acted like a vulgar rat.

    I get it though, her make up has to be absolutely amazing; I mean, have you seen her without it?

    Fuck me…she goes from a 6 to a 3.

  8. This is the same attitude the girl was talking about. Cardi have money running her mind. If she was high asf she wouldn't even be able to put any make up on her. Oh please cardi

  9. Cardi B is such a liar.

    And a dummy.

    She’s trying so hard to cover her own lie but is too stupid to realize that her own behavior IN THIS VIDEO confirms what Black Swan said.

  10. No matter where u go or what u get if u got the money pay for what u got or get and if u didnt like it dont go back… Plain and simple… Cardi is so disrespectful… One day karma will bite her in the ass cause no matter what u dont treat anyome like that she lies tooooooo dame much… At least apologize cardi and shut the fuck up… Cardi does drugs thats why she gets stuck… She dont have nooo clone…

  11. Cardi acting the same way (moving around and running her mouth as usual) while getting her makeup done in this video that the MUA said she was acting when she was doing her makeup but we supposed believe Black Swan is lying. Cardi is classless trash who obviously has no idea how to act like a lady.

  12. I am so shockend. People dont have the right to treat someone like shit!! Treat Someone with respect… everyone is the same end of the day.. A BIg bohooo for mean people! Bad Cardi Bad bulliesss. Get the f.. out of here!!

  13. Who doesn't believe Cardi did this ?? Everything the mua was saying I'm like yep that sounds like something she would say… I hope everyone has learned a lesson in this situation no body should be treated this way !!

  14. Cardi you are straight up LYING!!!! “Shorty” went to Ulta before she came to see you. You didn’t need to go to Walgreens. Check yo mood girl, the same people that put you at the top will drag you down too.

  15. In the video of the women crying she doesn't even know cardi so she shouldn't of had expecting cardi to be as exactly like how she seems in her videos or on t.v that's just a glimpse of what shes like and she wasn't what you expected so you got your feeling hurt, your there to do her make up not talk and be buddies your there for a job not hangout time so obviously she just wanted her makeup done so she could leave and do what has to do next she meets so many people that try and want to talk to her and with that much attention it can get annoying from people she meets so much people and shes not going to want to talk to every single person and everyone has bad days you just cought her on her bad days probably but she may not be laying about thinking the makeup artist was high maybe that's what she really thought.

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