CCTV captures final moments of woman 'killed by her husband'


These are the harrowing final moments of a woman who was allegedly murdered by her abusive husband in Brazil. Terrifying footage shows Tatiane Spitzner sprinting away from Luis Manvailer as he chases her through an underground garage. She runs into a lift where he pummels her with punches and kicks before strangling her to death and throwing her body from their fourth-floor balcony, police allege.

Original Article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6200693/Harrowing-footage-shows-murdered-womans-final-moments-Brazil.html
Original Video: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/video/news/video-1768460/Video-CCTV-captures-final-moments-woman-killed-husband.html

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Date: November 9, 2019

50 thoughts on “CCTV captures final moments of woman 'killed by her husband'

  1. Something about this don't seem right to me this looks like she's being belligerent she seems to be under some type of influence maybe alcohol it doesn't excuse the fact that guy should have left her alone but then again that's his wife she probably jumped off the balcony trying to get away and killing herself not knowing how to handle the situation he went down to go grab her realizing the whole front of the situation went into distress mode realizing what the situation turn to decided to act without rational when trying to clean up everything and getting rid of the body and the reason why I get this statement is because the camera cuts to one scene showing the lady falling to her death but it doesn't show him pushing her hell he probably put her in a room for her own safety and she decide to hop out of the window her with impaired judgement which resulted in her doing something sporadic because to me it just a give away sign her swaying movements suggest that she's intoxicated

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  4. Maybe she cheated on him? Lol they do think they smart play a man get another to pay for it too is why we have DNA testing now lol ..
    Like napolean said there all whores dont merry the enemy nor trust no feed taken care them lol

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  6. Error drrr oh blood I wipe with cloth then my fingers.hurray I've got away with it absolutely no forensics I've removed all evidence wow I'm clever errr .owe err what's that camera oh err oh dear

  7. Did he put her in lift before throwing her off the building to make it look like suicide ??? And why blurry pic I know its shocking then pixels on impact in any case this b#$$$$d got his image all over
    And the time on right corner would suggest he put her back in lift was there no cameras when the poor girl went outside to the right ?

  8. Active volcano. Helicopter fly over active volcano = push him out. Land the helicopter. Problem solved.
    Or a conveyor belt from bottom to top of volcano, ending right above volcano mouth, there are lots of people who I believe should take that journey to volcano

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