CCTV shows woman being pushed in front of oncoming bus in London


Police have released footage of the moment a woman was pushed into the path of a bus in Pimlico. The victim, who is in her 60s, sustained minor injuries from the incident in May last year. Officers said the female suspect had barged the victim moments earlier in a nearby Tesco Express after a verbal exchange
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Date: February 13, 2020

43 thoughts on “CCTV shows woman being pushed in front of oncoming bus in London

  1. waaaaaay to many fuckin people raising potential deranged people. There needs to start being mandatory tests that allow women to give birth or not. NOT EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE A MOTHER IN THIS SOCIETY AND IF THEY WANT TO ACT LIKE ANIMALS THEN THEY DESERVE TO BE TREATED LIKE ONE!!! Take her child away first and foremost!!!

  2. this is disgusting and a disgrace!! You do this to an elderly woman disgusting. That woman should be ashamed of herself and should have the children taken away from her and should be banged. What gets right up my nose is people think they can do that to people and get away with it. She should put her head in shame F.B

  3. Just look at the row now with these types attacking teaching about different people like gays like me. These people don’t shy away from taking my hard earned tax money in the form of benefit to feed and house them and their kids but don’t tell their kids there are gay people in the world that pay their bills.

  4. Why has it taken nearly a year for the met to release this footage?
    If the roles had been reversed this would have been all over tv and social media the same day, more and more it feels like a crime to be white.

  5. Find the woman and give her 5years and put her children in care, most news items are all about non white skinned people who need deporting from this island !!!!!!!!!!!!! Be tough and clean this country up, Enoch would turning in his grave now.

  6. Anyone else thinking wanting I am thinking, but dare not say it. I logged onto this story to confirm something I knew already, it should have been a 20 to 1 chance, but I knew 100% what this woman would look like. Little boy with her in 20 years is odds on being the next knife crime instigator.

    I hate what has happened to the country, there was a time when this sort of incident would have been unheard of, and more so towards the elderly.

  7. This does make you think if this is the norm for this woman, has she done it before and gotten away with it??
    Most probably her ISIS Husband is currently in a holding camp awaiting processing…
    So, this is another that we are housing, and costing us £1000s in benefits…..Just one example of 1000s in the UK.

  8. Hell is slowly entering our lives. And at this instant, in the CIA, subordinates report to the director details of the next secret operation, as a result of which a great many peaceful innocent residents of the city where this secret operation took place died. The director, experienced smart wife, calmly nods her head and says: "À la guerre comme à la guerre". She knows many foreign languages well.

  9. That what you have earned with your Pedophile Politicians and your so called Multiculturalism ! Welcome to your new reality! The EU is not your friend and the EU is not an Ally to the USA or American People! USA ban the big 3 , UK, Germany and France from NATO, No member of the EU can be trusted. EU.or Nato, not both.

  10. 0:11 reveals who did it….then escaped

    We saw just seconds of the story .If on purpose she is vile…
    Was it a coincidence !
    She pushed then the bus came suddenly ?

    It is v awful that many called the brown mother an immigrant as if British means white !
    Exactly as they did with Prof. Robert Kelly's wife during the BBC interview …
    racism also is EVIL

  11. I see that all the double-digiter knee jerk racists are piling on this one. Far worse crimes are done by British citizens day in day out, yet one sensationalist event paints a deeply false picture. You should be ashamed of yourselves, you selfish ignorant anti-human scum.

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