Chain Gang of Arizona – The Hardest Prison – Geographic History


The Last Chain Gang | Hardest Prison – Geographic History.

“Prisoner” is a legal term for a person who is imprisoned.

In section 1 of the Prison Security Act 1992, the word “prisoner” means any person for the time being in a prison as a result of any requirement imposed by a court or otherwise that he be detained in legal custody.

“Prisoner” was a legal term for a person prosecuted for felony. It was not applicable to a person prosecuted for misdemeanour. The abolition of the distinction between felony and misdemeanour by section 1 of the Criminal Law Act 1967 has rendered this distinction obsolete.

Glanville Williams described as “invidious” the practice of using the term “prisoner” in reference to a person who had not been convicted.

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Date: July 25, 2019

50 thoughts on “Chain Gang of Arizona – The Hardest Prison – Geographic History

  1. 24:16 when the guard searched tripod and tripod was saying "no sir, no sir" to every question,
    I'd have asked him "have you given up sucking dick yet?" 🙂
    Edit 46:46 , Stay the fuck away from your kids! If you love them you will.
    You won't though. You're far too selfish for that.

  2. I would like to make a statement here. Yes alot of people go through this system that are quilty! Most I'm sure. But for the people that are innocent, it's a living hell! And their are innocent ones.
    Also that being said, at any point in time can find themselves in a place like this or any other facility. And one day your looking out from these steel bars, tents in 115° weather, closed locked up facilities and wonder…. How in God's name did this happen!

  3. I love my Teen boy to watch this documentary so that he understand the other side 8f being rude to authorities. After few months of watching he has changed to be kind person

  4. is this funny lock em up, then kick them out with no hope of a job just thrown back in to nothing,WOULD RATHER DO TIME ,FEED ME, WASH ME, PUT A RAG ON ME BUT MY MIND IS NOT YOUR .

  5. Crawling around on the floor,go America.
    Not here champion, OR in the U.K, I bet.
    All that pink shit is all about provoking violence and allowing the screws to hurt people and feel no remorse.

  6. There is no fucken way on earth I would let em send me to a dump like that,I don’t understand how ya could let em classo you to a place like that.
    In the great land of Australia, ya just tell the screws to fuck off,same as the U.K.
    Americans aye,they cop anything..lol
    Tent city aye….
    Okay ok, I will admit 6 months,or 12 years,mmmmm,,,I spose I stand corrected,not happy….ggrrrr

  7. I see no reason why the officers keep blaming the inmates, for having drugs & weapons. The officers are to be blamed because some of them supply them with those things. The officers must be thoroughly checked, when entering the prison facility, because the inmates have no chance to go out & obtain those things.

  8. Was at barbershop 2 lossers is arguing over who served harder time , 1 yeld out (. Chain gang) the other said oh my bad ,we like wtf is chain gang He said breaking big rocks to small 22 hours a day ,so I'm here ohboy…..

  9. There wouldn't be all these crimes if people we're giving enough money to live comfortably to where they do not need to go out and Steal.
    Minimum wage should go up $18 maybe that would help

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