Channing Tatum & Jessie J Break Up | E! News


The “Magic Mike” actor and “Price Tag” singer call it quits after just over a year of dating and only a month after Channing finalized his divorce with Jenna Dewan. Watch.

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Channing Tatum & Jessie J Break Up | E! News


Date: October 17, 2020

29 thoughts on “Channing Tatum & Jessie J Break Up | E! News

  1. He was with her because she looks like his wife. Now his wife had moved on he about had a breakdown. Men will never learn appreciate what you have while you have it

  2. His magic only works on Mike. Real Straight men don’t strip dance in gay clubs. Jessi is just like Pink, can only be tamed by a real man, not a boy.

  3. When a guy like Channing keeps breaking up with chicks, it is because he does not feel it right with a woman. Just saying…

  4. Jesse finally realized she was just the rebound chick😂😂😂😂.That man was with his wife for almost 14 years and we all know he was crazyyyyyyyy about her.that is not something that goes away in a couple of months

  5. Next Miley might break up with Cody all due to moving on too fast after a divorce. Give yourself time to heal after a split. Its not healthy for you or the partner you're rebounding with.

  6. Those of you calling him gay in the comment section, at least provide links of info proving that he is. Other wise stop talking out of your asses. I myself am openly bisexual, so I'm usually able to tell right off the bat if someones gay or not. Channing show no signs of it at all at least in his interviews, body language etc.

  7. Ηe isn't even good looking..she wasted time with him,she seemed desperate and needy,he seemes gay hidden in the closet for too long

  8. They were in couple for a month or so no??! They should have went on the downlow ! It’s so embarrassing to claim ppl you obviously not love deeply. In two weeks they will have other partners. This is so Hollywood and they don’t even see it smh

  9. Not surprised at all. Chan was just having a good time being single. Felt no love there at least on channing’s side. So sorry for Jessie. The woman is in love. But it’s better this way as early as possible than later. Hope Channing falls in love again and be happy

  10. As long as he doesn’t get back with his ex Jenna… she’s like made from the same cloth as Miley Cyrus… trashy.

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