Children watch on as England lose to South Africa in World Cup Final


England have lost the Rugby World Cup final after a crushing collapse against South Africa in Yokohama, Japan.   In a tense and scrappy contest, dominated by penalties, South Africa went up by nine points before England captain Owen Farrell cut the deficit to six.  However, an England fightback failed to materialise with two South African tries seeing the rampant Springboks crush Farrell’s men by 20 points.   

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Date: November 7, 2019

31 thoughts on “Children watch on as England lose to South Africa in World Cup Final

  1. I hated how the English media were putting pressure on their team. I loved how they plaed in this tournament and they definately showed heart but the media was making me hope they lose.
    The nglish played a brilliant tournament and before the final the media alraedy predicting amazing victories. Next time let the lads relax and instead of predicting amazing victories rather encourage the lads to give their all plus 10% on top. I supported SA in the final and I believe England was definatly capable of doing much better, I actually expected extra time.

    Anyway England let your boys relax and reassure them, why all the prseeure?

  2. England was too confident as they were aguarbly the best team to lift the cup after hitting Ałl blakes with thunderous peformance then they counted their chickens before they hatch lest they forgot south africa is no kiddies play

  3. No reason to show a of mask Farrels face lying on the floor. Disgusting media. From a South African, England played astonishing rugby all tournament and Farrell should be applauded not taunted.

  4. I think England didn't get full support from back home.. There wasn't enough motivation except when you beat new zealand. South Africa had a lot of supporters even after losing the first game and the players new the amount of burden it was playing for the country that counted on them. In sport staying motivated is very important

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