China और India के सैनिकों के बीच Laddakh में भिड़ंत, अब आगे क्या होगा (BBC Hindi)


लद्दाख़ में भारत-चीन सीमा पर भारतीय और चीनी सैनिकों के बीच संघर्ष की ख़बरें आई हैं. 134 किलोमीटर लंबी पैंगोंग झील के उत्तरी किनारे पर दोनों देशों के सैनिकों में काफ़ी देर तक धक्का-मुक्की होती रही. दोनों देशों की सेनाओं के बीच हुए इस ताज़ा संघर्ष से बने हालात से भारत और चीन कैसे निपटेंगे और भारत अपनी सेना की मज़बूती के लिए और क्या कर रहा है, इसे लेकर बीबीसी ने भारतीय सेना के रिटायर्ड लेफ़्टिनेंट जनरल शंकर प्रसाद से बात की.
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Date: October 20, 2019

41 thoughts on “China और India के सैनिकों के बीच Laddakh में भिड़ंत, अब आगे क्या होगा (BBC Hindi)

  1. Chin n bhai ka rista banakar dhoke se 1962 me yuddh Kiya.. Iska jo nuksan huva uski details banani chahiye.. Ek film bani thi Hakkikat… Sarkar ko Hakkikat pictures.. 15 August avam 26 January ko bharat ki 1 30 karor janta ko dikhani chahiye. Jai Hind

  2. India need to be more stronger so that we can fight from two front. Our west side country is blunder country full of hetred so we can't take any chances . Always there to save India from evil country pakistan and China. For Pakistan its not the people but the rivers tht goes from here. F
    China only safe gaurd as they very well know Tibet they invaded but take extra care.. Though China border there not fired a single bullet but we don't know in future and should be ready they more powerful so competing with America and we need to strong enough to fight both end. Pakistan shod split own his own if we hit them with econmoy which is important let Iran to be involved with them coz they can't keep them self out of war if u check their history for money they don't hesitate to faught others war like in afganistan against Russia then against taliban. Now America don't need them Nd India need to make afganistan strong 💪 we should train afgan pilots if they have any or to build a army aur force by training first and gave them our migs which we need to phase out afgan can use them all mig 21, mig27 bomber they cN use them not to invade but to keep them save from Pakistan.. And if they have airforce pakistan will think ten times to attack them. Though migs 21 27 ar old but upgraded and cN be use for ten fifteen years easily. We already gave them mi35 attack helicopters but I been there on embassy protection team we all felt they need a training and discipline of a soldier. If soldiers are in dicipline which most important which I found tjey not a casual jawan is of no use. Same with our old t72 and bmp s should be given to them along Tata jeeps and truck. America can only giv them dollers but they won't give thee fighters which we cN help their uniform and taliban big factor pakistan will never want in peace talks they don't want to see India to be there but we should be there. When imran khan make it clear why we worry we don't care any more if they can come open we also go all out. More then our border afagns kill there more soldiers. I congratulate Americans and baloch freedom fighters for there cpec now being totally failed and imran laodo also don't talk about it now China wants the money and we al know they got nothing right time to attack from all fronts. Let wait iran will be against them coz they will be at Saudi side they have to upset one country which I think will be Iran. What we know Iran first fight attack pakistan then Saudi lolz Iran got oil and America will enter for sure any how India should not be anay side just keep calm and watch how things go this not our war and we even play a gud responsible role and try to help both countries by maintaining peace. In America imrN will hav only one topic to address rest all he only talk which he not make public ten percent he rasie kashmir with America rest his main agenda wil be money imf blacklist etc which we sure he get some relief which we should be fine with it but need to keep a eye on them . Their foreign minister eyeing pm post which we got know and coming time army will throw everything on imran khan to save their interest lol

  3. India n China are two mature n resposible neighbors with many border issue differences they will solve the issues matured way .Not a single bullet was fired since 1962. So BBC why u r barking uneccessorly.

  4. BBC news chenal 3rd class chenal h ye India ki kam or chaina ki tarif jyada krta h or kasmiri pandito or sahid hone wale indian armi ke jawano ki chinta nahi kasmiri huriat netao or patharbajo ki tarif or chinta krta h bbc chutiye ye modi ka India h jhukne wala nahi h Jay hind love you India f powerful modi sarkar

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