China Censors Data On Dam, Amid Rising Floods; Xi’s Military Orders Suggest Breaks In the Party


The website of the Changjiang Water Resources Commission no longer shows data on inflow for the Three Gorges Dam or the Danjiangkou dam. Normally this data would be refreshed when the site is updated, and its disappearance is raising concerns that Chinese leadership is hiding the data.

The floods in China are continuing, and have reached 26 provinces, including cities. Wuhan is now flooded, and Shanghai, which is a major technology and business hub, may be next.

And in a move that’s being interpreted as a possible sign of instability in the Chinese leadership, Xi Jinping stated at a recent Politburo meeting of top leaders that the Chinese military must be “absolutely loyal,” and ready to fight. This follows three recent documents published by the People’s Liberation Army, the Chinese military, about consolidation.

These stories and more in this episode of Crossroads.

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Date: July 16, 2020

45 thoughts on “China Censors Data On Dam, Amid Rising Floods; Xi’s Military Orders Suggest Breaks In the Party

  1. Suddenly the world just wake up and realize that the ccp is taking the world over slowly and silently not only through geography, politics , economy and education fundings the schools and telling them what to do and what to teach from grade schools to university all of this is because of $ money through corruption paying everybody on the way …most of business are made in China because those business man like cheap labour for more money to their bank book and do not really care about their country man ..now yes they wake up …

  2. 1: 35, what? They are forced to either allow some amount of water go past the dam, or allow the water level to continue to rise, which will cause dam failure. Your statement doesn't seem to fit. Anyway, thanks for the important coverage.

  3. View count varies from 1 .million plus to an unknown counts . youtube and ccp are targettig this channel for china specific revelations . Are scared and threatend by independent media entities specially yours.

  4. Oh I know, I bumped into Xi Jinping in the Himalaya last week. Forget the name of the town but a very touristy place. His feet were dry and he was there incognito. He asked me not to report on seeing him. He is a very worried guy.

  5. Mayor de Blasio is a former Communist. He has–VERY recently–shown selective antipathy and selective enforcement of the law against the Jewish community. He's shown his affection for nepotism through his law-bending as it relates to his daughter's illegal activities. Perhaps he's just trying to protect his kin? Maybe he's repentant about his wayward history of support for Marxism? Maybe he's just a bad father and a politician at the same time?
    New York Times: "He spoke in long, meandering paragraphs, musing on Karl Marx."

  6. Regarding the CCP virus why Epoch Times list all the people who have disappeared since the virus….name, date, responsibilities, timing..it would be very powerful

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