China confirms plans to purchase Covid-19 vaccines for 15 million people


China has joined an international COVID-19 vaccine scheme led by the World Health Organization (WHO) and shunned by US President Donald Trump. The alliance, called COVAX, aims to ensure the fair distribution of future coronavirus inoculations, especially to emerging countries. More than 170 global economies – including Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and 27 EU member states – are now engaged in the programme. Neither the United States nor Russia is a member.

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Date: October 14, 2020

29 thoughts on “China confirms plans to purchase Covid-19 vaccines for 15 million people

  1. They even stated that they know the 2nd wave is coming and it came. It is probably no doubt that they created the 2nd wave

  2. This country is the country behind all of the covid problems and the corruption of governments. They’re trying to make you think they’re nice and the uk and the us government is bad

  3. Why are we still buying of this county that’s murdered people all over the world with its virus. Shame on China you will never live this down China because China has killed so many with its virus

  4. EVERYONE aim your nuclear rockets at China and press fire. China will release more viruses, Corona is just the start.

  5. Asi como inventaron el Covid-19..asi van ha inventar la vacuna.. pero sera para seguir exterminando mas seres HUMANOS…. que Montros son… !!!!! Abajo con la China, hemos sufrido mucho con sus inventos , ya NO MAS…..!!!!!!!

  6. 看到这么多踩和白皮的批评,中国就不应该加入,就应该把疫苗当政治武器,凭什么美俄不加入,中国加入供给全世界购买还落一个不好的声音??只会做老好人没用的

  7. I wear my mask in the shower , and whenever I see other people breathing I’m safe from the virus 🤙 is there a cure for global fascism anyone ? Or does the mask cure that aswell ?

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