China has “no intention of a Cold War” as tension with Washington deepens – BBC News


The annual United Nations General Assembly has been taking place with world leaders giving recorded video speeches — due to the coronavirus pandemic.

President Xi Jinping used the platform to declare that China had “no intention of entering a Cold War with any country”.

That came after President Trump said the Chinese must be held accountable for “unleashing COVID-19 on the world”.

The UN Secretary-General warned everything must be done to avoid a new Cold War.

Clive Myrie presents BBC News at Ten reporting by world affairs editor John Simpson.

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Date: October 14, 2020

48 thoughts on “China has “no intention of a Cold War” as tension with Washington deepens – BBC News

  1. Mrs Guinsburg was a brilliant mind, a living legend. During her long life, she's been through some hard stuff, but she never played anything down, she never wavered, she told the truth. She stood for human rights. The rights of all the American people. Regardless of who they are. In one word: She stood for justice. I guess that's what our president had in mind when he said truthfully:« She was an amazing woman, whether you agree or not.»

  2. Of course China doesn't want a cold war, it wants to carry on taking advantage of us till it owns us, but the West has woken up. David Milliband is one of their bought and paid for little workers doing their bidding, son of Marxists Polish/ Belgium refugees

  3. Sort the CCP out Trump.. nobody else seem to be.. they unleashed this virus purposely.. they bullys.. putting African into poverty traps . Raping the seas of fish.. pollution at mega labels.. Break up the CCP.. free the people of china

  4. Taiwan issue is extension of Chinese civil war. HK protest is a domestic problem. Yes, you can disagree with or blame what Chinese gov did. But it is quite ridiculous to seem these as signals of cold war.

  5. USA is not the West. China wants good relations with the West. Who is the West? Is it the UK, with it's broken treaties in Hong Kong? Is it Australia, referred to as gum on shoes and threatened because they want answers about covid? Is it Canada, with its two kidnapped citizens held hostage to attempt to influence the Canadian courts? Is it India, with its 20 dead soldiers on the Chinese border? Is it the EU which China is busily balkanizing with the belt and road and pressuring them to but Huawei?

  6. China will just have to accept Whatever the West thrown at it. Nobody believes that China just aims for peace and harmony in its growth with all nations anyway? What else can it do but to wait for the truth to prevail in time?

  7. These concepts are followed china
    Not obeying laws
    Not obeying rules
    today tell lies
    tomorrow say no papa
    childish behavior of senior officials
    pinching the neighbour
    pluging with pencil
    fighting for rubber

  8. We should have stopped buying from China as soon as they invaded Tibet. We should stop buying from them immediately.

  9. Fantastic story telling, video capture skills, sound capture quality, narratiing and creative editing skills. I'm inspired by the BBC media team. They are very talented

  10. China did this to the world all the deaths the economic damage this was China’s doing, good on Trump for calling them out. They don’t want to stop the virus they just want us not to blame for it when they’re the ones who let it out in the first place.


    Do you think you are born again just because you go to a church? Not all churches declare the Truth. On the contrary, your church could be a completely worldly church. For your own soul, you must come out of the churches that use the Bible but do not declare the Truth and speak lies differing from the bible. Hear what the Spirit of Truth says to the churches and receive the eternal gospel!!

  12. You idiots still think China is a Communist?
    No they are not, they are Capitalists don in red, and capitalists always do what it does best, to bring destruction to the world.

  13. Such a biased report. So it is OK for the US to bully around in the world but any assertion from China to guard its own interest is not tolerable to the West. The world is no longer dominated by the white West, my human friend.

  14. communist china is a backward country whether it's about civilization or sanitation, everything. I know because i've been there and seen this and i wouldn't go there once more

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