China 'preparing for war with the West'


Founding Chairman of Quilliam Maajid Nawaz believes “China is preparing for war” as tensions between Beijing and the west increase due to a proposed investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

Last month Australia proposed an independent, global investigation into the origins and the initial handling of the novel coronavirus.

The Chinese ambassador warned that Australia could face an economic hit if it does not back down from a push into the Beijing’s handling of the coronavirus.

Ambassador Cheng Jingye said the push was “dangerous” and could dissuade Chinese citizens not to travel or trade with Australia.

Mr Nawaz said he became aware of the “incredible danger” the Chinese Communist Party poses to the world when he learned it interned two million Uyghur Muslims in concentration camps.

“We are already in a cold war with them,” he said.

“The Chinese Communist Party is preparing for it (war) and they have a strategy for us in the West and we have no strategy for dealing with them.”

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Date: May 6, 2020

24 thoughts on “China 'preparing for war with the West'

  1. 1) It started right next to their lab that was studying these viruses, it contains 3 different strands identical to HIV in a sequence that allows binding to ace2 human receptors. All articles related that came out of Australia, Germany and India are permanently scrubbed from the internet. I personally read them in February.

    2) They had published their work on modifying a coronavirus to use the ACE2 receptor. It is a zoonotic virus that transmits back and forth from animals to people, this mutation cannot happen in weeks naturally. Statistical and factually impossible in both counts, the virus was tailored and reorganized by someone in Wuhan. SARS+HIV+MALARIA.

    3) They locked down internal travel to/from Wuhan while allowing international flights out and also downplaying it, spreading the virus worldwide. I spent Christmas checking out the leaked videos from Wuhan, they knew and allowed millions to travel outside of Wuhan for the lunar year, I told everyone to prepare then to be ridiculed and called a doomer, because the WHO did not declare it a pandemic until literally every place on earth but Antarctica had cases, WTH.

    4) Chinese companies in other countries bought up the worlds PPE and food supplies sent it back to China, while China kept downplaying it, they knew it was person to person transmissible and did not say, in fact they denied it until march. They accepted more donated PPE from the world to later then sell faulty or contaminated materials to the countries that donated. They criticized anyone who banned flights from china, called them racist and now they are doing the same to the world and worse, look up what they do to blacks and foreigners today there.

    5)You don't build 2 hospitals in 10 days, shut the economy and weld people in their homes while telling the rest of the world "it's just the flu, soon all be restored". China lied to save face, bought the WHO in the process.

    6)The first known case was a 55-year-old market merchant sick on mid December 2019. They censored and imprisoned anyone that leaked videos or information about the pandemic, and the overwhelmed hospitals, they silenced doctors in the early days of the pandemic.

    7) They now have an army of online influencers and commenters that make money per reply online spewing propaganda, lies, discord and misinformation to confuse and put the world against each other so we forget where and WHO started all this. Just look at the replies of any comment like this one to see for yourself. This people are called Wumao or "five cents" they are everywhere in social media saying that Italy started it, or the US financed it, or that china said it was a problem earlier on, that the virus is a natural occurrence…PURE PROPAGANDA TACTICS.

    8)Much more reasons, go ahead and believe the WHO, we know what current representative used to be a part of a somali communist guerrilla, go figure.

  2. In many ops I’ve done with the states, the truth about the communists is never ever mentioned. Those ops, we’re always dealing with the Russian and Chinese special forces. Most of them anyways. Eventually they get scared off, plus we’re damn good, and I am very very aware of the Aussie forces. Respect to you. Still though what a joke, and how much the news has said lately should we not trust China, wtf yo

  3. Why is this news? For those who have been watching and paying attention, China has been preparing for war for well over two decades. They are not building a 400+ ship PLAN for the heck of it. They are not building an amphibious assault capability (with matching Wasp class copy amphib assault ships) like the United States Marine Corps for the fun of it. They are building a blue water navy to control the ECS, SCS and Yellow Sea and further out to the Nine Dash Line, upturn the contemporary rules based order in the Pacific and counter the prevailing security and freedom of navigation granted by the presence of the USN, RAN, JMSDF, ROKN etc. The only reason "no-one noticed" is that the money was flowing and nobody gave a damn. We have strung ourselves up with our own noose and let runaway "capitalism" nigh on hang us on the branch of communist China (ie exorbitantly rich arrogant Westerners stabbing the working class in the back by investing in China – not their own people). The only reason we are in this position now is because of our own greed and uncontrollable consumption.

  4. China does the same to Christians, or anyone who they view as a threat to their communist ideals, for that matter. I wonder how many they've killed.

  5. there are racial and genetic differences between people but what they believe is fully programmed and more influential than genes except in some rare cases genes determine behaviour, the hypocrites or sociopaths and the criminals that plague mankind

  6. I know you guys are upside down, but I hadn't realised how much it addles your brains.
    You really believe the BS propaganda you get from your government and MSM? Looks like it.
    Take a look at the Truth (or at least, a darn sight more credible scenario than the 'Official Narrative'):
    'New Evidence the US Did Bring COVID-19 to Wuhan During the Military Games' (American Herald Tribune). China has huge faults, but so do the Yanks and your own good selves.
    'The Truth shall set you free' (hopefully).

  7. China’s war is going to be with viruses 🦠 not a single missile will be needed! I’m telling you are enemies seen how we suffered with this virus!

  8. This is the time we must put china in its place. if not they will walk all over and we may not be in a position in future to stop or control them. currently they are under enormous pressure to clear their name. Global leaders should maintain the pressure until they agree for an international independent investigation over covid 19 pandemic. if found any wrongdoing then punish them by boycotting their products and make them to pay for the damages.

  9. Russia to their north, Mighty India south and west. South East Asia to India's East. Japan and Taiwan off the coast and there's the very tough South Korean's. The Island nations to east and south are not just going to lay there. If China wishes, let them come. As bad as many feel about the United States, there are some things we've gotten to be very good at. Naval forces is one of them. We have a few other things! A China move is Not just a threat to some.

  10. Chinese bio weapons , they threaten Australia bcuz Australia wants to cheak wuhan virus hub lab, but instead of they giving access they threatening the world, its vlear that wuhan virus is chinese made virus and motherfucker china 's bio weapon.

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