China struggles to contain virus- BBC News


In China, there’s been a huge outpouring of grief and anger at the treatment of a doctor, who tried to warn the world of the dangers of the coronavirus. Hundreds of millions of people have viewed social media posts about Dr Li Wen-Liang who’s died after contracting the illness, while treating infected patients. He was censored by the authorities in the city of Wuhan, after raising the alarm back in December about the potential dangers of the new virus. The government has now sent officials to investigate how he was treated. As the coronavirus continues to spread, controls and restrictions are increasing right across China, where more than six hundred people have died, and another thirty one thousand have been infected.

A British man on his honeymoon is among more than sixty people, who’ve tested positive for the virus on board a cruise ship in Japan. Alan Steele from Wolverhampton has been taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Of the 3700 people on board the ‘Diamond Princess,’ it is thought there are around eighty Britons, with the ship quarantined in Yokohama, Japan. All the passengers have been confined to their cabins, for the next fortnight.

Tonight’s BBC News at Ten is presented by Clive Myrie and he hears from the BBC’s China correspondent Jon Sudworth in Beijing, the BBC’s Medical Correspondent, Fergus Walsh and the BBC’s Health Editor Hugh Pym.


Date: February 15, 2020

23 thoughts on “China struggles to contain virus- BBC News

  1. Ya cause tons are infected but walking around. Unless they go test literally every single person, lock people inside for a certain number of days, rest test them, this won’t stop. Too many are sick and just going around anyway. Plus China is hiding information they have.
    Stop all travel, trade, and mail coming from any place that’s affected. Literally the only way to stop it is to not allow people outside or to mail stuff. Anything and anyone could be infected.

  2. The BBC goes on and on about "diversity" , employs say a woman of colour to read the news or x number of lesbians to meet a quota , but that is not diversity ! The public sees through this and wants a diversity of ideas and ideologies i.e real diversity and not " diversity " based on skin colour or sexual preference which is ironically the true meaning of being racist and sexist ! The vast majority of people couldn't care less what skin colour an individual has or what their sexual preference is. It's the main stream media and hollywood that are obsessed with these totally normal and diverse human physical characteristics and therefore encourage this polarising "I am a victim" culture. Thankfully more and more people are waking up to this programming and mass mind control every day and the likes of CNN , Sky News, BBC News etc are dying a slow death . I , like many other awake souls , are enjoying every second of their demise because they are guilty of maybe the biggest crime of all.

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