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Apparently, someone in the Chinese government really, really likes Top Gun, so much so, that they made their own version of it–Sky Fighters. It’s got all your favorite moments from Top Gun (except for the volleyball scene) just done extremely poorly with badly CGI-ed jet fighters. And instead of Tom Cruise’s ‘ rebel hero Maverick, you get a by the books authority figure that’s a pretty good poster child for the Chinese Communist Party. Welcome to the Danger Zone.

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Date: July 15, 2020

42 thoughts on “China's Weird Fascination with Top Gun | China Uncensored

  1. 0:55 During my first year in China, I saw a propaganda poster with US fighter jets on it.
    I laughed and shrugged, but understood all fighter jets are cool (especially US and Russian).

  2. Surprise Surprise
    Now Chinese Company is funding Top Gun 2 ……
    Know I understand why they funded Top Gun 2…. but this movies comes with Chinese Censorship…

  3. I really like videos here. It have lots of information . but i wish you could leave here every link of data you are talking about.
    And i am bit dissatisfied with america uncovered though.
    I guess it true that ccp have done the worst thing. But so did america .
    Chris are you trying to act like journalist who brings truth infront or just just some youtuber who is there to just uncover ccp things.
    I wish you could bring truth of congress and militery too.
    If not i just feel being manipulated by your video with the unbalanced truth . i feel like you are not true journalist.
    China uncensored is really good. Please make america uncensored also like this.

  4. The Chinese are the ultimate copy cats, only they don't play by any rules except their own. This will come back to haunt them as nobody will ever trust the words of the Chinese!!!!!!

  5. ccp's TOP GUN???you kill me. hell march copy Hilter's SS .fighter copy TOP GUN. ha, ha,ha TOP GUN have COPY RIGHT???AMERICA's TOP GUN is save poor people..ccp's top gun for kill people…and devil's TOP GUN could be all SHOOT DOWN by F-14, F-15. and F-35.soon or later.no doubt COPY KINGDOM.. TOM CRUSE cry. at SOUTHERN AMERICA.

  6. I actually agree with China that the reason why American security services want to promote friendship with Chinese Generals is because the Americans want to seek information through spies. The secrecy of the Chinese military is driving the American nuts. The Americans constantly use their drones to spy on sensitive areas of China seeking information and building false friendship with the Chinese Generals creates openings for the Americans to seek weaknesses and target them. This is just a normal thing to do for all international security agencies to spy on each other.

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