Chinese Farmer Recreates Noah's Ark for End of the World


A farmer from northern China has designed and built his own version of “Noah’s Ark.” Or perhaps Noah’s beach ball is a little more accurate. It’s a survival precaution for doomsday, which many believe will be December 21st 2012.

[Liu Qiyuan, Inventor]:
“‘2012’ won’t necessary happen, but you can be sure disasters will happen around the world in the future. For example, tsunamis, shipwrecks on open sea or earthquakes. Accidents happen every year. So I thought I should make one of these, and I started from around last September just sketching whenever I had time”

Li Qiyuan from China’s Hebei province has spent over a year and around $300 thousand US dollars making seven versions of the pod, which he hopes will one day be mass-produced.

He was inspired to build the arks by his young daughter’s fear of natural disasters. Each pod weighs ten thousand pounds, measures fourteen feet in diameter and can carry up to 30 people.

Equipment includes seat belts, oxygen tanks, power generators, batteries and enough food supplies for two months.

One can be seen bobbing along in a canal near Liu’s village, beside small fishing boats.

As to whether Liu believes in doomsday, he had these words of wisdom to say.

[Liu Qiyuan, Inventor]:
“So many people don’t prepare, and only think about the event once it’s already happened. I think that’s a mistake. There is a Chinese saying that goes ‘it’s better to be prepared for nothing, than to be unprepared for something’. I think that’s something worth thinking about,”

And so many have begun to prepare. There’s been a rush on candles in southwest China after rumors that December 21st would be followed by three days and nights of total darkness.

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Date: July 1, 2020

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