Chinese Hairstyles Through the Dynasties


Here’s are the different hairstyles Chinese people had throughout history.

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Date: July 28, 2019

28 thoughts on “Chinese Hairstyles Through the Dynasties

  1. Guys I love your videos. But from an European perspective please, add the year numbers to the Chinese dynasty names when talking about them. We are helpless in correlating the dynasties to specific years. Why not adding in text the AD year? For example when talking about the Quin Dynastie, add 220 BC on the screen, so that we non Chinese can systematically order your content in our historic time line. Otherwise you just start jumping around in the dynasties and we loose completely track on which time period on earth you are talking about. This is confusing, frustrating and irritating. With a simple added year number the problem would be solved. Given the fact that you speak English in your videos, I assume you do not target a Chinese audience, so please help us. Add the BC and AD numbers, pleeeeeeaaaaase.

  2. 6:02 plot twist that new and ridiculous not even talking about extremely not attractive hairstyle was decided by an emperor who was getting bald and as he didn't want to be the one single bald man in the palace he made everyone suffer with him…then it was just kept as a tradition.

  3. Awww i wanted this to be more detailed with photos to go with each dynasty..ive seen SO MANY haiestyles in dramas lol- probrably not the best source of factual evidence BUT..i just wondered how closely they are to truth and the chronological progression..
    This is good. I just hoped for more styles and their dynasties. Still learned alot though. Thanks guys!

  4. I like the all long hair era! I think all people [well, okay I have seen a couple of guys who looked HORRIBLE in long hair, but that's pretty rare in my experience] of all races look better in long hair, maybe I have some Chinese some place in my family history?

  5. In one of my novels, the heroine has 12 foot long hair which magically moves with her when she fights or dances.

    At one point she was captured for 2 whole years in a dungeon, but, while incarcerated by her enemy, she was several times shaved of all of her hair in public.

    In the end, she uses hair she secretly saved up [while in her cell, (only the hairs which came off of its own) and of course, only when nobody was watching her] to weave a thin, long, powerful coil of hair to escape.

  6. My dad passed to me an old myth that he still believes to this day.

    He was taught that the Manchurians forced us to wear queues and bind our feet so that we couldn’t rebel. Our men can’t fight or flee with such long impractical hair. Our women can’t run with deformed feet.

    That can’t be true as the Manchus practiced both of traditions themselves and foot binding dates back much further. But my father still believes this myth.

  7. To share a fact: the one with a pig tail was not Chinese, but the Manchu, from northeast of China, near Siberia, also called "Tungus", who conquered the Han people and established the last Dynasty "Qing"

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