Chinese Makeup Routines Through the Dynasties


Here’s are the different makeup Chinese people used throughout history.

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Date: May 22, 2020

29 thoughts on “Chinese Makeup Routines Through the Dynasties

  1. so umm.. in 2020 now. I gotta say on 10:20 isn't China barely surviving with cows? Idk I red some parts about China in my Chinese language class that cows are too precious to slaughter and eat cuz farmers gotta use them for crops and farming. I haven't heard much about horses though.

  2. No.1 is the thing that I still follow(powdering the face)Well, not literally powder- but the use of rice to whiten the face. Until now, I still uses the rice water, that was came from the water that I use to wash our rice for cooking, it was really effective, my face looks so smooth and white… My mother teaches me to do this, since we also came from the Chinese ancestry ☺️

  3. So natural ≠ safe. Actually, many man made chemicals today are safer than many naturally derived stuff. And… VERMILLION CONTAINS MERCURY! bruh, the hell did you think mercuric sulfide was???

  4. Westerns thinking Asians wants to be them because they want to be white when in really it has nothing to do w wanting to be white, it’s about social status. Back then having fair skin means u can be a candidate to be married in the imperial family or a high ranking official or general. In Chinese there’s no word for tan so the word “black” is used. Those were peasants and farmers and low class. It’s kinda funny some westerners wants to look tanned and some Asians wants to be fairer. What is going on. Lol

  5. I am so jealous of Dan´s facial bone structure! I would give anything to have those cheekbones and jawline! Completely understandable he takes care of it with creams and moisturizers.

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