Chris Watts Third Confession? He Smothered the Girls TWICE? Letters From Christopher Details


part two: Chris Watts admits to still being in love with Nichol Kessinger and more bombshells from the book letters from Christopher: https://youtu.be/hnoRidnx9Aw

Chris Watts Third Confession? Brand New Information Released in Letters from Christopher alleges he smothered the girls once at home BEFORE Shannan and again at the Oil Fields after they woke up.

The Chris Watts Book, Letters from Christopher, is due to be released October 7th, 2019

The daily mail has obtained one of the letters from Letters from Christopher release date October 7, 2019. In this letter he gives what appears to be a third confession with some very disturbing details.

Please note: a few words/sentences from the letter may have been missed during the reading of the letter and/or the editing of the video. It was not intentional. There were multiple voice clips being added together to give the best video experience when in fact, it did not work out as intended. Rather than redo the video, I chose to keep this one up as the letter, in it’s entirety, is in the video. The link to the article and letter are also below. There are no ill intentions in the editing of this video to fit one narrative or another.

By: Cherlyn Cadle

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By: Cheryl Cadle

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Date: October 21, 2019

42 thoughts on “Chris Watts Third Confession? He Smothered the Girls TWICE? Letters From Christopher Details

  1. I think it's entirely possible God has reached him in there. Alot of souls are saved behind bars. It might be true that he is seeking relevance and perhaps he IS lying about this version. That is between him and God. But it is also possible that he feels like this is an opportunity to share the good news that be has received (and get some attention). From the very beginning I have always felt some evil and demonic spirit HAD to have been upon him for him to do this. For anybody to do this.
    I personally am hopeful that he is sincere in his relationship with God and I can't help but to notice now much more verilant the hatred is toward him as everything be says and writes precedes with God and the Spirit.
    He is never going to ever get out of jail after this written confession (regardless if it's true or false) based on his failed attempt to kill the girls, he carried out their murders.
    Which by the way demonstrates his lack of wit. If he were a tenth as clever as ppl wrongly assume, he would know that THIS is indisputably an admission of CAPITAL murder. And any evil clever genius would know better.

  2. It’s not just you…but I can’t say it’s more interesting to me, it’s just sick. I wish I could just let this go. I thought I had put things into their proper boxes and was going to try and just make whatever peace I could with it…then it comes up again.

  3. I think he didn’t argue with shanann, they have cameras in the kids rooms so if she was awake he wouldn’t go in their room and kill them first, also in the police body cams multiple times you spot shananns sleep mask in their room and the basement, she probably had the mask on and was asleep when he did it. She would definitely fight back if she was on her back awake like he told the fbi, she would roll off the bed, only way to me that makes since is if she was face down asleep? Idk or on her side and he rolled her over.

  4. He's a murderer. An annihilator. Just like Scott Peterson and Drew Peterson and so many others. They get their 15 minutes of infamy and eventually they are forgotten about. I think this book is a necessary evil. There are so many people who think so many crazy, outlandish things. People who are on his side and are in love with him. Whether he was completely truthful in his letters to Cheryln remains to be seen. But they are his words. He tells exactly how this all went down. How it was pre-meditated. This was not a spur of the moment thing. And he didn't have any help. I hope that if nothing else, this will shut down all the pages on YT that throw Shanann under the bus and think that Chris walks on water. Maybe after everyone reads this. We can finally close the door to Chris Watts. And remember Shanann, Bella, Cece and Niko with warmth and happiness. That is my hope anyway.

  5. If only the family had known all this before they agreed to no death penalty! WTF he tried to make her miscarry by giving her Oxy! I always felt he started planning murders day before.

  6. I don’t believe him at all.. this is just for attention.. he needs to be relevant! Evil, evil man ! I hope he gets put to death or killed in prison.. he doesn’t deserve to live. 😡

  7. This is why the dogs detected death in the girls rooms I guess….they didn't die there….but were well on the way to it…the dogs picked up on the traumatic incidents in certain spots, the stress and fighting etc. My heart just breaks for the poor girls and Shanann, how DARE he do that to ANYONE but especially those poor little girls that looked up to him as their hero. It make me sick!

  8. See, one of my kids died and even though I’d like to see her, I never ask her to come back to me because I want her to be in heaven and not on this sad, sad planet. I had one visitation a few days after her death, but I want her to rest and be at peace. CW’s hoping they’ll visit him because that’s how selfish he is.

  9. Another one of his BS confessions to keep himself in the spotlight. I don’t believe any of his confessions. I believe he never told the real story about what really happened. I don’t know if what really happened was more sinister than he is telling everybody and he tells people what they wanna hear. Also, I believe NK played a bigger part.

  10. Just more lies. There were no fibers in the girls lungs or drugs in Shanann.
    Three stories why? Who is he protecting or is he just socio path who enjoys the attention?
    I do love that you’ve spoiled CK big reveal with this nut job author of this book lol
    She had part one last night and really just a love fest Kay had with the author and herself for landing this interview since she couldn’t go into any details till the books release so they both said. Which only tell me was total BS since the DAILY MAIL obviously already released
    parts of the book! What a disingenuous thing for CK to do to her subs, patrons and her numerous CW FaceBook groups 🤦‍♀️
    Thanks for putting this out tho! 🤓

  11. I call BS…I believe nothing of his mouth he loves any attention he can get. He needs the have the pulp beat out of him till he can't stand up so he knows what pain feels like. He seems so proud of what he has done or witnessed. ( I do thank you so much for sharing this with us. ) As far as Shanann's family the BS he keeps stirring up for them I wish they would of gave him the death sentence.

  12. It’s NOT interesting. It’s boring. We all know he is lying feeding us whatever next lie he wants – so he is manipulating the public for his own sadistic satisfaction. I’m not buying a book and will boycott anybody who does

  13. I think his 2nd confession makes him more of a monster but it was the truth. He didn't know those fbi agents were going to share his story. They told him they wouldn't. Once he found out the real story got out, he got busy coming up with another version. Killing Bella at the murder scene after killing her sister in front of her, was BY FAR the worse version. Even I never imagined that scenario as a possibility because I didn't think he could treat his daughters that cruelly but there he was telling this to the two people who got him to confess the first time.

  14. Nichol could have easily had some oxy laying around. EASILY. And maybe that was the only part she was involved in…trying to abort the baby so he could leave Shannan.

  15. It "blowes his mind that people want him to suffer like that "?😳(about people want the photo of the poor victims taken down ) Uuhh…does he really understand what he have done ? IF this is the true he is acting very strange and do not seems to understand the impact it has done to the families and so many people 😢If he is telling another lie he is really…wow🥴I dont understand this and I am finish with this case 😞Bless you all ❤

  16. I think this is attention seeking to make the book more interesting and to keep people talking about him. He tries to smother BOTH girls and NEITHER of them are smothered to death. Wouldn’t you think he would have killed one of them maybe? Especially given how successfully he killed Shanann. And also if he tried to kill them in their beds, why change his mind and take them out to the oil well to kill them? This is a very strange story. I also can’t believe this monster thinks he could get off for good behaviour in future if he’d been in California or Europe. There is no where in this world that would EVER let this sick Fk out of jail!!! And neither does he deserve to be. What he doesn’t get that he deserves to die in jail yet???
    He’s crazy.

  17. I actually believed 2nd confession, I couldn't grasp how someone could commit such a heinous crime. I found it so evil his act that the optimist inside of me wanted to belive something had over taken him, making him snap and that he couldn't be so vile. How wrong was I!! This letter has shown me that true evil lives on this planet and Chris Watts is the proof. Wow he is enjoying this, enjoying re inventing ways he could massacre his beautiful family! Pretending he has found God. Am sorry but if there is a God and he has shown Chris Watts an iota of forgiveness I'd rather become an atheist. This letter has stripped away any doubt that someone couldn't be that evil, this letter has opened my eyes to Chris Watts. Chris Watts is pure and simply……. EVIL

  18. He's a liar, he says he gave the girls showers and changed them but they were described as wearing the same clothes (when they were found dead) as the last pictures taken of them alive. Such a coward. We'll never know what really happened. You're right, he just likes the attention.

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