New Zealand has broadcast the Islamic call to prayer and observed a two-minute silence in ceremonies to mark a week since the Christchurch attacks.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern joined thousands of mourners near the Al-Noor mosque, one of two places of worship targeted in last Friday’s shootings.

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  1. Is the Prime Minister going to put on a Christian Cross and say prayers for the Christian dead 260 of them in Shri Lanka today .How about a memorial service .The man who perpetrated the killing in New Zealand was not a christian .In the quaran we have kill Christians and Jews in the New Testament of Jesus and Christians we have THOU SHALT NOT KILL .See the difference

  2. Will there be a 2 minute silence for the 200+ Christian's murdered in the name of ISLAM in the Sri Lanka Church bombings on innocent defenseless people?
    Will the PM wear a cross to show solidarity? Will New Zealand ring some church bells and say the lords prayer? Will the media report any of this?
    What about the Christian church bombings before in the Philippines by Islamists? Will we condemn thos attacks on innocent defenseless Christian's or what about the islamists attacks in Africa 200 plus people killed including many children to spread terror on Christians in the name of Alah?
    Islam is a terror cult!

  3. In many parts of the Islamic world, in places under Islamic law (Sharia), when a young couple has premarital sex, the young man is whipped half to death, and the young woman is stoned to death. Death is also their punishment for adultery, homosexuality, blasphemy and apostasy. This is the culture that Democrats and other leftists are desperately trying to spread around the world, and if you criticize those punishments and the spread of that culture, they will try to destroy you.
    The leftists are gaslighting the unwary into tolerating the most horrific, barbaric culture on earth. You thought the left were easy-going about sex? You're in for a big surprise, if their master plan is allowed to succeed.

  4. fake news
    this man was hired by the government. this was only a false flag operation to take away more weapons from the people.
    this mass murderer was highly trained. He is a government agent. but you muslim and liberal sheeps are too stupid to see that trough…

  5. Wer Gewalt sät wird den Sturm ernten! Es ist schrecklich was geschehen ist, doch wundern sollte es keinen! wieviele Moslems haben schon Menschen durch Attentate getötet? Irgendwann schlägt jeder zurück… es trifft jedoch immer die falschen

  6. As a brit, I can't help but look up to NZ. A paradise were all views, ethnicities, races and religions come to together. They fight better than the military and better than the navy.
    Their secret weapon is respect.
    Love and good luck from england 🙂

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  8. What, no outrage from Muslims, no front page news from the BBC (for days)?

    'Ethnic Genocide: Muslim villagers massacred in Mali after extremist rampage.'

    MORE than 130 people were killed and dozens wounded on Saturday when a Dogon militia rampaged through a predominantly Muslim village in Mali.'

    Not interested, as it doesn't target white Christians – Taqqiyya manipulation of the West at its best?!

  9. errrrrrrrr NZ's SJW WOKE PM has given its population the right to buy arms and even automatic weapons, yet because he hugged some Muslim women and wore a head scarf her fellow SJW WOKE's think shes great…LOL. No country is immune to Islamic fundamentalists. When it happens in NZ, what is she going to do then

  10. WHY did the NZ government block and censor all content of this incident…WHY do they monitor all discussion online….WHAT are they hiding…WHY can you easily look up all the horrors of ISIS in Europe yet very little of the "lone gunman"… all these incidents or false flags…there just coincidently happened to be armed police or international snipers in "training" proximity….how very lucky they were indeed. They know that there was more than one gunman and so mass censorship of the content to derail the masses.

  11. This makes me so angry. Of course this is terrible and it is not what we stand for here in new Zealand. But is not a product of our involvement in the wars that have created the environment where this sort of thing happens? We blindly follow america into wars with no planning on the occupation, creating Isis in the first place, leading to massive refugee problems and fueling right wing agendas that we see all over the western world. I live just south of christchurch and I have been asking people what they think of the muslim religion. Overwhelmingly the response that it is evil ( yes, evil) and if the koran was followed properly then they would all be behaving like Isis – beheading sinners and stoning rape victims to death and killing teachers who have made the grievous sin of teaching females. They also add, " Oh, I am not talking about the victims in Christchurch ".
    What we stand for on our own soil has been completely different to what we get up to on foreign soil, and soon it will be ANZAC day. So we go from giving money to the victims to giving money to the perpetrators and paying tax the whole time so it continues. And no one is waking up because they feel powerless from their belief in conspiracy theories. So yes, I am glad we are saying to the world, this is not right and we changed the laws on gun control quickly, but it would be great if we could really front up to our part in the current world climate and stop joining in. Anyone agree?

  12. Peace to those in New Zealand.. the rest of us have to put up with bombs , bullets and homicidal truck attacks .
    Maybe we should all wear hijabs then.

  13. Priminister Jacinda Good My prayer is 💥💥My father My God yahwe God of ISRAEL father of Jesus christ Raise leaders like Jacinda in Saudi Arabia Pakistan Bangladesh Turkey in all islamic countries so that the same religious freedom the same freedom that the muslims enjoy Will also be enjoyed by non muslims specially e in islamic countries let the leaders of islamic countries be confused like you confused pope in the mighty name of Jesus the son of God I Pray amen any one Who wants to agree 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  14. Was a 2 minute silence held in Muslim countries after the World Trade Center attack? I don't recall any and I did read about rejoicing from the Palestinians and about the celebrations in New Jersey from the Muslim community from the 2,977 killed. I dont recall a two minute silence over the 50 dead in the gay nightclub shooting in Florida either.🤔

  15. Disarming New Zealanders!  Call to prayer!  Supportive to those who could harbour ISIS.  Whose side is Ardern on?  Get ready for political takeover of New Zealand by those who would harm its peoples' democracy.


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