CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE CHANNEL | DLM Christian Lifestyle Introduction


In this video, Daniel Maritz introduces you to his new Christian lifestyle channel called DLM Christian Lifestyle and shows you what you can expect to see from the channel.

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I have another Youtube channel that is focused on style, fitness, grooming, and lifestyle vlogs and it is called DLM MODEL LIFESTYLE. This is the first channel that I started on Youtube, with the goal of learning how to make quality content that brings value to people’s lives and to reach a different audience.
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In this video, I introduce you to DLM Christian Lifestyle and show you what you can expect to see from the channel. I share a bit of my journey over the last 13 years and tell you what my goal and aim is with the Christian youtube channel.

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Date: January 4, 2020

40 thoughts on “CHRISTIAN LIFESTYLE CHANNEL | DLM Christian Lifestyle Introduction

  1. hi Daniel, praise God for your christian lifestyle channel. We met when you visited our church (Mustardseed Christian Church in Osaka). In our brief conversation, you mentioned that you were doing an assignment in Japan, introduced me to your other lifestyle channel; said you will start a christian lifestyle channel.

  2. Hi my bro, this small video turns me out from evil thoughts(such as watching porn nd other stuff)to "What's the purpose GOD has chosen me". I need to know what that purpose is? I'm eagerly waiting for more videos from you brother. Thanks for the new channel 🙏💖I subscribed and recommended to my friends too. God bless you bro🙌

  3. I spent 49 years in Christianity, the latter 22 being a born again Christian. I know the Scriptures and I know about sin and Gods forgiveness and gift of eternal life. My issue is that of all the churches I have been in over many years here in England, not one has ever accepted everyone as they are. The churches have handpicked the sinners they want in their church and have excluded people such as people with mental illness, the poor and the less well off and members of the LGBT+ Community. I am in or have been in all of these communities that I mentioned above, and I have now ceased believing in Christianity as it presents itself today. People from these communities have come in need to Christianity and have been excluded in my experience.

    I hope Daniel, that you might be able to shine some light on this and why Churches behave like this. My ‘God’ is one that accepts and loves everyone regardless. Christianity seems to serve a different God one who isn’t Christ. They’reGod from my experience seems to be community, money and judging people who are different from themselves.

    Not everyone will agree, but I speak from my experience. I love you’re approach Daniel, and I hope you’ll be able to tell me something than what has been spouted at me already. You’re a good man, and very brave too to take on such a venture. 🇬🇧🇮🇪

  4. I thank you for your great channels watch all your great videos… finally there is a model that doesn't only talk about outer beuty and talk's about the inner (soul) of you…
    💯 💯 💯
    Hi I would like to know what you think or know about Judaism?

  5. Daniel this is a new side of u. But as much as I love ur other channel,this one is a blessing to others and I really love it more. I appreciate u talking about Christianity and glad to know u graduated with a theology course. God bless u dear brother. Love from the Philippines

  6. I love this Daniel! I'm a born-again believer as well and I'm super interested to hear about what your opinions are in regards to being a Christian and maintaining a lifestyle that would otherwise be considered "vanity" (Beautiful outward appearance, fashion, etc) in some Christian circles. Granted, Christian culture in North America is definitely, and unfortunately, different from what one would experience in other parts of the world. I love men's fashion as well so I'm very excited to listen in on your opinions.

  7. I'm not a Christian even I don't like christianality but I like you Daniel and I love you a lot as a biggest fan of you from my country Pakistan.. Even I used the picture of you and your wife as wallpaper of my cell phone as a biggest fan of you … I'm a Muslim and I don't like Christianality but I like you as my ideal personality … 💜💜💜 God Bless You A Lot (Amen)

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