Cilla Black: tributes paid after death of showbiz legend


Bruce Forsyth and Michael Grade pay tribute to showbiz legend after her death at the age of 72.
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Date: October 4, 2021

25 thoughts on “Cilla Black: tributes paid after death of showbiz legend

  1. How do you from Dallas Texas, we in the United States were not familiar with Cilla Black I don't think she had any hits that were played on the radio over here, however I can tell she was loved by the Brits

  2. Such a sad loss at such a young age, she will be missed R I P Cilla P.S to all these people who complain she supported the Tories people are aloud to think how they want, it does not make them bad people, plus if she was labour supporting you would not be complaining would you

  3. Cilla Black's birthday was the 27th may she was born in Liverpool Vauxhall 1943 she died in Spain on the 2nd of August 2015 she was 72 years old she had 3 sons Ben Robert and jack she was married to Bobby Willis Bobby Willis died on the 23rd of October 1999 he was just 57 years old

  4. Cilla black also known as priscilla white she was on blind date and surprise surprise she also made her Tv appearance with Paul O'Grady

  5. There are some vile comments here. I think it says more about the uneducated writers of the comments than anything else.

  6. it was a Spanish siesta that went badly wrong they are only supposed to last an hour this one is permanent

  7. Just a thought, but has anyone ever seen Cilla Black and Ronald McDonald in the same room together?  Theres an uncanny resemblance.

  8. "Oooh, chuck, aahhh really luv Liver-pewl an it's peeple."
    So much, in facts, that she hadn't lived there for well over 50 years.

  9. With the very deepest sympathy to Cilla's family and friends. She was a very lovely lady, wife, mother, star and ledgend and will be remembered and not forgotten by everyone as a very professional, lovely, polite lady who always had a very caring approach to the public. She will definately be remembered with love by all. RIP. PB

  10. It's a shame that this lady didn't quite make it here in America during the Beatles era(I wasn't born yet), because she had some good hits from what I understand, but because American teenagers were Beatle mad in the mid-60s, Cilla was overlooked in general.  Anyway, rest in peace to a treasure of British entertainment. 😃

  11. It was very hard to believe this, I couldn't take it in, such a sad loss, such an amazing woman! Very sad she has gone! RIP Cilla, T'ra Chuck

  12. There has been a massive outpouring for a below average singer and an average presenter. In fact I hate her voice.  What she did have though is a connection with the common man and woman.  She always seemed honest in her interviews but make no mistake, she was as average performer. Definite C grade.

  13. Its an unfortunate fact of life that at 57 years of age I am slowly watching the passing of people who I grew up with. People like Val Doonican for example, who died not so long ago, and now Cilla. They made TV watchable and we will never see the likes of them again. God bless you. RIP.

  14. Fucked up bitch even locked her bedroom door in her own Villa ! How messed up is that 

    she and that wanker child abuser Cliff Richard  should be reunited ASAP. The  child abusers she has helped protect  to save her own lardy ass etc is disgusting

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