Climate Change: How prepared is Europe for extreme weather? – BBC Newsnight


As wildfires rage in Greece and Italy registers record temperatures, what impact is climate change already having on Europe and how prepared are governments for what the future holds? Please subscribe HERE

Two days after the IPCC called climate change a ‘code red for humanity’ Europe has reported what would be its ‘highest ever’ temperature – 48.8C in Sicily.

How are people already coping with the impact of climate change and how prepared are European countries for the future?

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Date: September 14, 2021

42 thoughts on “Climate Change: How prepared is Europe for extreme weather? – BBC Newsnight

  1. Defund the BBC. Greece has plenty of water-bomb planes and they used them on Evia. Seen on Euronews. That must have been a village where firefighters did not get sooner

  2. They were not prepared for Covid. They are not prepared for climate change. The have their heads in the sand and one eye on their pension funds paid for by the tax payer.

  3. people who believe in climate change are pathetic and stupid, all the things happening to the world is the planet going through a cycle. I've noticed ever since that pathetic little girl started spouting a load of crap about so called climate change almost everyone suddenly thought right lets make a load of rubbish up about climate change and make people believe it.

  4. It's so refreshing to see a politician recognizing their government's failures, discussing the reality, and clearly stating their goals. I've been watching waaaay too much American political news, and everyone there just lies and points fingers instead of getting things done.

  5. This is God’s judgement and man can do nothing to stop it. Christ said the Heaven and Earth will pass away but my word endures forever. In 1 Peter God tells us that the universe burns up in a fervent heat. The weather comes from Heaven, stop trying to play God.

  6. More hot air from the BBC. ''Never been hotter'' this is a stupid statement and totally incorrect. Of course its been hotter many times in the past . They have erased the medieval warm period from the year 1000 to 1450 when the temp was a lot hotter than today . So warm in fact the ice sheet on Greenland completely melted and there was very little sea ice at the |North Pole. Climate change is a given and will not be changed or influenced by cancelling man made co2. Instead of trying to scare people with doom and gloom stories , we should count ourselves lucky we live in a relatively warm climate , because the ''normal '' climate of the earth is ice cold.

  7. If air temp is hotter than your body temp , it could not help to cool your body down through breathing. That’s why you feel uncomfortable to breath.

  8. 1) By reflecting away 30% of ISR the albedo, which would not exist w/o the atmosphere/GHGs, makes the earth cooler than it would be without that atmosphere like that reflective panel set behind the windshield. Remove the atmosphere/GHGs and the earth would become much like the Moon, a barren rock with a 0.1 albedo, 20% more kJ/h, hot^3 on the lit side, cold^3 on the dark. Nikolov, Kramm (U of AK) and UCLA Diviner mission all tacitly agree.

    2) the GHG up/down welling, “trapping”/”back” radiating/delaying/intercepting, 100 % efficient, perpetual warming loop requires "extra" energy which according to RGHE theory comes from

    3) the terrestrial surface radiating that "extra" upwelling energy as a LWIR , 1.0 emissivity, ideal black body which

    4) cannot happen because of the non-radiative, kinetic energy, heat transfer processes of the contiguous atmospheric molecules and as demonstrated by experiment, the gold standard of classical science:

    1 or 2 or 3 + 4 = 0 Greenhouse Effect + 0 Greenhouse gas warming + 0 man caused climate change/global warming.

    Version 2.0 081921

  9. I bet people only still continue their lives, and do not take action as one :/
    Not sure if people are celebrating Earth Hour anymore.

  10. 17 Dread, and the pit, and the snare are on you, O dweller of the earth.
    18 And it shall be, he who flees from the sound of dread shall fall into the pit. And he who comes up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare. For the windows from on high are opened, and the foundations of the earth quake.
    19 The earth is breaking, breaking! The earth is crashing, crashing! The earth is tottering, tottering!
    20 Like a drunkard the earth is staggering, staggering! And it rocks to and fro like a tree-hut! And its sins heavy on it; and it shall fall and not rise again.
    21 And it shall be in that day, Jehovah shall punish the host of the high place on high, and on the kings of the earth on the earth.
    22 And they shall be gathered, as prisoners are gathered in a dungeon. And they shall be shut up in the prison, and after many days they shall be judged.
    23 Then the moon shall blush, and the sun shall be ashamed, when Jehovah of Hosts shall reign in Mount Zion, in Jerusalem, and gloriously before His elders.
    (Isaiah 24:17-23)
    And great earthquakes shall be in different places, and famines and plagues. And there shall be terrors and great signs from Heaven.
    (Luke 21:11)
    25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars. And on the earth will be anxiety of nations with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
    26 men fainting from fear, and expecting those things which have come on the earth. For the powers of the heavens shall be shaken.
    27 And then they shall see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.
    28 And when these things begin to happen, then look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draws near.
    (Luke 21:25-28)

  11. What ignites all these fires? Arson, lighting, burning cigarette buts. My unfounded suspicion is that the are mostly caused by pyromaniacs.

  12. I've been living in Rome for the past 3 years and I've gone back to England for the Summer holidays. I'm going to be back on the 22nd and I just wanna cry rn. The temperatures just a few days ago were 38°C in the shadow for 3 or 4 days straight but they're still predicted to be reaching 36°C on the 22nd in Rome. Fortunately, they are getting a bit lower in the following days but I'm still not ready to go back. The heat is just unbearable and I don't have A/C. This heat isn't normal at all. After all, the stats indicate that the average August temperature in Rome was 24.5°C between 1970 and 2000. For this year specifically, I'd say it's been around 28°C. Probably around 27°C throughout the previous 2 years as I remember them being a slight bit cooler. I have teachers who have also been telling me they haven't experienced temperatures like these when they were kids. Yet people will still try to spread the "evidence" they found on Facebook that climate change is fake.

  13. Plant a tree
    Pick an electric company that only uses renewable sources
    Have 1 r 2 meat free days

    3 easy things we all can do

  14. Perhaps the BBC should read a new book titled "THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS" and then stop force-feeding us its climate catastrophist nonsense?

  15. U are idiots if U believe that CO2 changing the climate. U have no knowledge at all. U sold yourself!!! ALWAYS CO2 level goes after groving temperature NOT before. This is not the problem. Problem is Your stupidity!!!

  16. Usual BBC bias. I know Sicily very well. The Sirocco comes from the Sahara during the summer months. It can be responsible for near 50 degree temps and can last for a few days. It doesn't happen every year but it's been going on for the last +40 years that I've been travelling there. Sick and tired of this one sided, cherry picked "expert", blame everything on climate change hysterical bullshit.

  17. See Suspicious Observers on youtube!!!! There are MUCH LARGER FORCES at work causing climate change OTHER than human activity. Such as cyclical earth pole shifts and solar cycles!!!! This man has many videos and documentaries from which you can learn!!! He's Brilliant!!!-Linda

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