Climber Falls From Dangerous Ledge Into The Sea | Extreme | Wonder


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Date: May 6, 2020

29 thoughts on “Climber Falls From Dangerous Ledge Into The Sea | Extreme | Wonder

  1. This is nothing, one time I was on rollerskates hanging onto the rear fender of my friends car and he sped up so I had to hang on or risk falling and wiping out, then he went on to a main road and sped up even more. I had to wsit for a red light to let go. Im lucky to be alive.

  2. Typical western women jumping ship at the first sign of trouble, ofcoarse the relationship ended. Most western women (western European, American) are only good for one thing, unlike Eastern European, middle eastern or east Asian women who are worth their weight in gold, obviously their exceptions to the rule but generally speaking.

  3. He cut off his dead fingers because he didn't want to cover out of pocket expenses… No wonder they died in the fist place he wasn't wanting to use them to hold money to give to even save his life …sad

  4. Doctors haven't got a damned clue
    their answer is either chop it off cut it out or drugs, they want to get you on as many drugs as possible bc theyre on commission from big pharma

  5. Sometimes I wonder how brave people risks ones own life to save others while timid people turn away (lik those people in this video) felling safe for one's life and a deaf ears to pretend

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