Commons Speaker Bercow 'to stand down' – BBC News


37 thoughts on “Commons Speaker Bercow 'to stand down' – BBC News

  1. He is now know to be a traitor and a bare faced LIAR. COLLUDING WITH THE EU TO STOP BREXIT … I would like to see him in court and charged for acting on behalf of the remainers and the EU. Going above and beyond his title and jurisdiction as speaker in thwarting the will of the people …. What a bloody lying snob and traitor he is…

  2. I really liked his "order!" I like his talking because he speaks really clearly. I'm not English so his talk was really not difficult to listen.
    I wonder why did he retire speaker?

  3. Parliament = Britains biggest Masonic lodge ,Parliament past the linking of the UK grid with the commonmarket as then back in the early 70s via the under sea cable and now with 2021 just around the corner the EU are going to unify the price of energy =massive price hikes for thre UK = win loose or draw Brexit because of the under sea link UK will stil have to pay the EU s new rates for energy . BBC and MPs wont dicuss the unified price with the public .

    If you think your getting mugged its true you are !

  4. So refreshing and inspiring to hear this man speak.
    I wish there were more men/people like him.
    I've only just heard of John Bercow, but he's made a positive impression on me.

  5. Regardless of what they thought of him. He held that job for 10 years and had to try to remain neutral. His own party though didn't bother getting up and clapping and recognising the work he put in.

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