Conservative MP Mark Field grabs climate protester by the neck


Footage from a Mansion House dinner shows Tory MP Mark Field grabbing a Greenpeace activist by the neck and forcing her out of the room. The incident occurred as a group of climate change protesters interrupted a speech by the chancellor, Philip Hammond. Field is the Foreign Office minister for Asia and the Pacific
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Date: December 12, 2019

48 thoughts on “Conservative MP Mark Field grabs climate protester by the neck

  1. Look at all the cowards! There's no way I would have stood for that, no matter how conservative or eyerolling-cynical I was. I would have popped up and stopped him right there. That was an assault! Why was he not arrested? He can't claim he was worried — he was frogwalking her, gripping her neck like a crazed sadist, AWAY from the dais.
    The Tories. The Republicans. What a disgrace. What an embarrassment to live in this age.

  2. And now he was cleared & Boris is in Leftist press in full attack mode, turning into a feminist issue, blaming Boris for this patriarchal defilement of a poor lady. What happened to equality. This screeching, stomping, entitled, forceful woman was escorted out of the room they invaded just like anyone else. But now the Guardian using it already as an example of Boris's hate of women. So disingenuous

  3. I would have done exactly the same as Mr Field the woman could of had a gun ,bomb knife ,acid anything ,ok she didnt but no one knew that at the time , i know it sounds bad but i think i would have hit her to knock her down then apologised later if nescessary.

  4. He had no right to do that. It's never acceptable to use violence against a nonviolent protester-especially one whom, at that moment, wasn't doing anything but walking by. Field should have immediately resigned his seat.

  5. To those of you saying you love equality, women were manhandled long before gender equality. Women were not respected as the physically weaker sex before they gained the human right to make decisions for their own person, they were exploited for it. If this had happened in the 1950s, I have no doubt she would have been manhandled the same way if not also slapped for not knowing her proper place as a subordinate in society.

    Gaining the equal right to personal agency, the equal right to earned wages instead of free slave labor for a man, and the equal right to vote does not mean that men and women's physical differences should not be respected. When men can give new life and produce humans out of their body, then they can claim true equality.

    Until then, while a man is physically superior in strength, the woman makes up for it by giving every man that has ever lived his life. The physicality differences between the sexes offer a fair exchange in value, the man is stronger, the woman gives the man his life. This has nothing to do with equality of the mind, character, or skills in other areas of life for we are most alike in these.

  6. Some of the reaction to this insane… “OMG HE WAS CHOKING HER VIOLENTLY”… look at her face!! Did she look in pain? No. She just looked mildly annoyed that her protest had failed. Not saying it necessarily the best move by the MP but to glorify this as some kind of assault just demeans real victims of violence.

  7. I'm proud of that girl. A Climate protester – she was protesting for that man too. Her protest was peaceful. She is trying to save our planet. It's that man's home too. He was thuggish with her. He should have let her say her bit. He should be grateful people like her exist. Grateful people speak up against wrong.
    I am glad his thuggish behaviour brought the matter more attention.
    Next time though she should have back up. I'd like to have seen the man meet his match.

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