Conspiracy Theory: Solar Eclipse will Cause the Planet Nibiru to Destroy Earth?


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NASA confirms Planet X EXISTS but could mythical Nibiru really DESTROY earth next month? http://www.express.co.uk/news/weird/838428/NASA-Planet-X-Nibiru-DESTROY-earth-next-month-August-21-total-solar-eclipse and

Will the world end this month? Conspiracy theorists claim the upcoming solar eclipse will cause the mysterious planet ‘Nibiru’ to smash into Earth: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4767852/Will-September-s-solar-eclipse-cause-world-end.html


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Date: September 14, 2019

23 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theory: Solar Eclipse will Cause the Planet Nibiru to Destroy Earth?

  1. Hmmm as I'm posting this today I'm safe in stating that those conspiracy theorists were talking utter shit. Even worse i doubt they will admit that they were wrong, they'll just make excuses and then predict another date that they pulled out of their arses.

  2. it wont happen, if a total eclipse were to cause the apocalypse qnd jesus' second coming, then why didnt it happen with every other total eclipse (not hate comment, just a reasonable point)

  3. This is retarded because it states in the bible that know man shall know when man kind shall end and he said every good person shall be sent to heaven and there shall be hell on earth for the remaining people

  4. can someone explain how as a country we see the the sun differently? How is the eclipse only visible to some states? The moon blocks the sun, it gets darker, right? How does it get darker in Georgia but not Florida? I'm serious, can anyone explain this to me? Oan I didn't watch this video because its not what I'm searching for lol. Eclipse, Racists rants by potus, North Korea…….#StayWoke

  5. no one knows when the world will end .are you living in a fantasy world or on drugs. plus I agree with some other comments dumb ads and also you need to read about other solar eclipses. and the truth .HEY THE SKI IS FALLING LOOK UP QUICK. MR MORON.

  6. bulshit…………………..we are in 2017 and it takes 26000 years not 3000 something, everyone says everything,,, and they put religion in that fkn story, bullshit, wtf Kim Jung hill is your Nibiru………

  7. Youve got part of the story wrong… Or at least you have omitted part of it… Nibiru is supposedly a part of a small solar system with the small red dwarf star nemesis at the center and being orbited by nibiru along with 3 other planets… And 2 of those planets also have moons…. But how does having the moons shadow cross our path do anything but block the sun for a 1/2 hour… This silliness has to stop.

  8. Bs earths Defense system that is aeons Old built by our ancestors is still workin but not for more than 150 years then we need to be ready to do it ourselfs . There is a lot of new info in russia about this facts . Pyramids play a important role in this this is no joke . Earth has a torus field and produces immense energy if needed . Time has shown it helped us to survive already many times in the past.

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