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Hi every one today i am show you how to Cooked Pineapple cake and Pineapple rice fried in my homeland.
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Date: November 21, 2019

43 thoughts on “Cooking Pineapple cake and Pineapple rice fried in my homeland – Polin Lifestyle

  1. Liziqi would be so happy to see that she set an example for others to become content creators using their personal touch and, at the same time, by doing that they can improve their life.


    Liziqi would be disappointed to see y'all judgy ppl not respecting someone's hard work and comparing everything as if that would help anyone. It's not about who did it better, it's about everyone's own style, and mostly is about what pushed these ladies to do this. Have you ever thought that this way someone might get some better food for their family? That maybe they wanted to be creators but never had the chance to study more or in more depth because of certain circumstances?
    Get off y'all lazy asses and actually do something that makes you happy, and then you might see these content creators in a more human way.

    These women are amazing. Period.

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