Corbyn says Boris Johnson needs to think carefully about Brexit


Boris Johnson was greeted with whooping and banging of desks as he arrived to address the backbench 1922 committee at Parliament after securing the Tory leadership. The new Conservative leader spent the afternoon thrashing out the shape of the rest of his team with aides amid high secrecy, with rumours swirling over who will get the biggest posts when he officially takes over from Theresa May as PM tomorrow. He kicked off the process by drafting in Mr Spencer, a Remainer in the referendum who is little-known outside Westminster but a respected behind-the-scenes operator. Sky executive Andrew Griffith has been brought in as the No10 ‘corporate adviser’. No formal announcements are expected until after he gets the keys to No10, but Sajid Javid, Liz Truss and Matt Hancock are widely thought to be battling it out to become Chancellor. Mr Javid arrived for the ’22 with Mr Johnson, in what could be a sign he is destined for the Treasury. Meanwhile, Jeremy Hunt is fighting to avoid being evicted from the Foreign Office after failing to run Mr Johnson close in the Tory contest.

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Date: July 25, 2019

13 thoughts on “Corbyn says Boris Johnson needs to think carefully about Brexit

  1. He fought the last GE on a manifesto pledge to respect the result of the referendum. That was a lie, just like his lies on tuition fees. He's spent the last 3 years or so telling us what he thinks we want to hear. He's no more trustworthy than "Brexit means Brexit" May.

  2. Yes think very carefully.The establishment have done everything in their power to discredit this man.Because they are scared of the policies and changes he advocates in the U.K.Attack the man not his policies an old game played many times over.I don't like the policies of the Israeli government does that make me antisemite?Wait were Boris will take the U.K and see what kind of a Tory he really is.He has a history of lies and deceit.

  3. Stupid old Boose, he's fallen for every trap set for him by the Tories. He's tired and very close to the end of his life and will soon be in The Whittington Hospital, sat in a bed, head whipping backwards and forwards like a rocking horse receiving end of life care.

    Dying of natural causes

  4. Well Jeremy has already got his facts wrong.

    There was a 90% turnout of Conservative members.

    138,809 votes were cast between Boris and Jeremy.

    Boris won 92,153 which is 66.1% of the ballot.

    Both candidates promised to leave with or without a withdrawal arrangement.

    So Jeremy is already trying to fudge the result here.

    And he knows that the majority of labour held seats are leave supporting.

    But he has to make noises that satisfy remoaners in his party…

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