Corgi Pups Explore The World On Their Tiny Legs | Too Cute!


Exploring a great big house can be tough when you’re a puppy, especially when you have tiny corgi legs! But these curious pups won’t let that stop them from making the most of every new adventure.

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Date: February 9, 2020

28 thoughts on “Corgi Pups Explore The World On Their Tiny Legs | Too Cute!

  1. OK I get this is superr adorable and for children, but really?? How you gonna show puppies at 3weeks, then try to edit puppies who are clearly older as 3wo pups, THEN switch bck to the actual 3wo puppies. THEN switch which puppy is Otis. Otis started out as one of the puppies w/ it's ears perked up, then suddenly he's one of the ones that still has floppy ears.
    So dang annoying.

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