Coronavirus: Britons on Wuhan flights to be quarantined – BBC News


Hundreds of British citizens, waiting to be flown home from the region of China worst-affected by the new Coronavirus, will be put in quarantine for two weeks on their return to the UK.

Passengers will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to commit to what’s called ‘supported isolation’ although the timing of the flight and the destination is not yet known. British Airways has suspended all direct flights to and from mainland China because of the outbreak.

The virus which was first detected in the city of Wuhan has caused more than 130 deaths spreading from China and to at least 15 other countries.

The World Health Organisation warned on Wednesday that the whole world needs to take action to stop the spread of the new virus.

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Date: February 21, 2020

39 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Britons on Wuhan flights to be quarantined – BBC News

  1. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formally asked the United States to explain that it has buried biohazard containers in the evacuated Consulate General in Wuhan. Chinese security forces have blocked other US diplomatic missions in the country.

      An official statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the containers were discovered on January 30 after the U.S. Consulate General in Wuhan was completely evacuated by the U.S. Air Force Special Committee for a new virus outbreak. The search was conducted after Chinese intelligence agencies handed over some "non-repudiable materials" whose contents have not been made public.

      "Since efforts to comment on official and closed channels over the past few days have not yielded a clear answer, we have decided to move this question to another level and openly request an answer. Hua Chun, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ying said that China is also holding an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

      The department said that a total of eight containers with biohazard labels were found. Xinhua News Agency also posted their photos in a military warehouse near the consulate. The boxes were wrapped in two layers of tarpaulin and buried in the backyard of the consulate general, one and a half meters deep. Chinese military biologists are currently investigating several major questions about its content:

    (1) The Wuhan Seafood Market is only a place for selling wild animals. If it is a virus brought by wild animals, then hunters and traffickers will be poisoned, and it must not be in Wuhan. Why haven't any virus spreaders found in other places?

    (2) If this wild animal is native to Wuhan, does Wuhan have such a place of origin or breeding farm? If not, where did it come from?

    (3) Why does this epidemic appear again and again? Why not appear in more countries that eat wild animals?

    (4) Why do such epidemics always appear in hub cities like Guangzhou and Wuhan, not in small counties and small towns? It is more common to eat wild animals in small counties and small towns. Why not?

    (5) Why is this epidemic always spreading sooner or later in the Spring Festival New Year's Eve? Can't it be one month earlier or one month later?

    (6) In October, the United States sent a team of so many people to the Wuhan Military Games. Why didn't it get a gold medal? Is the quality of American soldiers poor? modest? Why did they start to have an epidemic in Wuhan less than a month ago?

    (G) Why did the United States declare a state of emergency in just a few cases? Why is the flu so bad that a state of emergency is not declared?

    (8) Why is there such a serious epidemic in China? Will US politicians say that it will help manufacturing industry return to the United States? Is the United States a biological war for industrial repatriation?

    (9) Why did American pharmaceutical companies prepare symptomatic medicine so quickly? Did you know that this epidemic would happen?

    (10) Why is there an HIV component in this virus? Is it possible to artificially synthesize biological weapons that are specifically launched into China?

  2. After China isolated more than 5 million Muslims from the Uighurs !! Today, the whole world is isolating China because of the spread of the Corona epidemic … the killer among the Chinese and fear of the spread of infection

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  7. Bcz of China's food habits n their negligence other country, innocent people are dying now.each n every death n their family are their responsibility.they must pay. Shame on china 😠 now eat virus salads and soups.dnt kill innocent people.

  8. This is the biggest scam on the american people . Like Before when the Radio came out with War Of The Worlds & Scared everyone . Funny how Trump made trade deals with China day before this virus came to be . Do we have evidence to show that people are really dying from this Virus ? Have any of the People that have been quarantined been released & If they have died is there proof . This hoax is just another way that since there was no War started to Declare martial Law. Now They Are Using This To Keep Immigrants Out Of Our Country even more with this hysteria Excuse. Trump is trying to make the United States Of America A Communist Country & not Causing A war This Is the Most Secretive way of controlling the people with this scare of BS Virus . Just look @ All the country's he has banned coming to the USA. Not A chance first the Wall Now This Tactic to control People Of The Land Of Our Country. All Of The Media Is Controlled as Everyone Now Should be aware of this. If You Don't Believe what I'm Saying Put Some Investigative Reporters on This & Show The Proof & Don't Go By What The Media Is saying. PROOF IN THE PUDDING. Open Your Minds People & go With Your Gut Feelings. As Advanced As We Are Nowadays They Already Have A Cure Or Just Don't Care About Humanity Anymore

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