Coronavirus: England's primary schools reopening plan – Covid-19: Top stories this morning – BBC


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It’s Monday 18th May 2020. Get the latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC’s Breakfast team live on iPlayer daily from 6am.

The row over plans to reopen England’s primary schools continues to rage – two weeks out from the proposed restart. A study (๐Ÿ‘‰ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-52701850) suggests children in wealthier households are studying significantly more at home than their poorer counterparts, adding to worries about a growing divide. Universities, meanwhile, have been getting to grips with remote learning. We ask whether a remote teaching model could work long term ๐Ÿ‘‰ https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-52647601

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Date: June 3, 2020

40 thoughts on “Coronavirus: England's primary schools reopening plan – Covid-19: Top stories this morning – BBC

  1. Social distancing is a euphemism for social isolation. And we want our children to live like this until thereโ€™s a vaccine for a virus that statistically has no affect on them? Lunacy!

  2. We cannot assume that children are less affected by the virus because so far children have not been exposed much to hot spots and were protected and isolated. This will change once they go to school. Even if they are not affected much by the infection they can spread it significantly to multiple contacts

  3. The Government got Care Homes completely wrong…
    They are doing exactly the same with schools.
    Why can't they learn by their mistakes?
    Test, track and trace…
    Government are idiots.

  4. People are noticing that the Government are giving conflicting, to the point of absurdity, messages. That is what happens when they try and make their agenda, which is influenced by the financial tentacles of the Bill Gates eugenics agenda, seem to make sense as a humane one; it doesn't and it isn't.

  5. Donโ€™t these councils realise that the children are missing out on indoctrination, if this carries on much longer they will start to have their own freedom of thought and then where will the Labour Party be.

  6. Seeing these comments is so depressing. The first real question you should all be demanding an answer for, what is the death rate of children between whatever age group is appropriate to your situation with no underlining conditions. There's a reason why this important info is not being given as it would truly show to what level this 'pandemic' is.

  7. How about we see MP's go out in public and back to work if its safe? Surly if its safe for us its safe for them? Let's see em packed in parliament again arguing rubbish, that's when you know its safe

  8. How stupid is this, there is a new child virus killing kids and now this idiotic gov want kids to mingle and then go home and spread to their parents.

  9. Key workers children have been at school for weeks,how many of them have caught the virus.
    After lockdown how many children and teachers went down with the virus. It will be interesting to note how quickly head teachers fine parents next year for taking children out of school for holidays, yet they are happy to stay away at the moment, no mention of the effects there attitude is having on children.

  10. soon as schools open its gonna be a coronavirus spread party in classrooms and if it does happen then they are gonna shut em down again so i don't see a point to reopen schools and plus not to mention some kids will be afraid to get corona

  11. "more staff including security ON DUTY" Did you hear how he emphasised 'ON DUTY' This is how the BBC manipulate the population. It's psychological warfare against the sheeple.

  12. This is ridiculous you're conprimising the immune systems of all these children during their most important years for devolpement. All for a fake pandemic.
    This kids will get sick, but it won't be because of a virus.

  13. Where the hell is our lovely PM hiding? he's probably eating a bag of crisps and on daddy duties whilst the country figures itself out #Priorities France reported a surge in new cases amongst children after reopening, the death toll yesterday was 545, still a very high figure. Children can't see their grandparents or uncles or aunts but can meet teachers and other students from 20 to 50 other households. This government is a mess.

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