Coronavirus: Filipino community hit hard


Analysis has already shown that nearly three quarters of all NHS and social care staff who have died with coronavirus came from a Black, Asian or ethnic minority background.

Now Sky News understands that up to 25 Filipino healthcare workers have died with COVID-19 – representing nearly a fifth of the more than 100 frontline deaths.

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Date: May 6, 2020

25 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Filipino community hit hard

  1. This is so sad … I feel we’ve never been told the truth in the UK More importantly China’s death numbers are so not correct compared to the rest of the world. Why do I feel that China right now it’s just a propaganda machine… that has never told the truth about this real outbreak? I hope this ends soon

  2. I do not like this type of reporting,like Jo Cox,they must be left alone.The family should be given max respect and privacy. Journalism has truly sunk low,why can,t he just rest in peace and be left alone. Apart from making money from this type of insensitive journalism,your editor should be thrown in jail. Since England has moved away from Christianity,this below the belt journalism has flourished ! Stop this Now !

  3. wheres the story of the black NHS doctors who spent over 50+ years working for the NHS and then came out of retirement during this pandemic, only to lose their lives. they didnt get special coverage like this.

  4. Someone's dead what's people putting thumbs up on this for u repulsive, sick people. It's not good this is happening because of CHINA and WHO

  5. Take your Vitamin D folks, really helps. Especially those with darker skins which reduce the amount of Vitamin D which can be produced from the low levels of sunlight we can experience under this situation and with UK weather as wet as it is again.
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