#Coronavirus: French protective mask manufacturer scraps NHS order to keep masks in France


Paris is keeping French-made protective masks inside the country amid a coronavirus-inspired shortage. But it’s proving awkward for its loyalist customers.…
READ MORE : https://www.euronews.com/2020/03/06/coronavirus-french-protective-mask-manufacturer-scraps-nhs-order-to-keep-masks-in-france

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Date: August 12, 2020

19 thoughts on “#Coronavirus: French protective mask manufacturer scraps NHS order to keep masks in France

  1. The E.U superior, supreme, superstate was always faulty everyone for themselves your nations flag is what matters it seems in the end absurdity and ignorance of E.U eurocrats run project is exposed in all it's glory by euronews it's self..! Thankyou for nothing and not meeting your obligations to United kingdoms Government

  2. It just goes to show how utterly useless the EU is in a crisis – UK is first to trigger their pandemic response and bulk order from their regular supplier and France steal them before their delivered

  3. Kind of sad to see a bunch of angry frenchmen complaining that the US supposedly bought an order of masks that was supposed to be loaned to france on credit.

    So let me understand—Youve been hoarding all of the masks produced in france for over a month now. Youve been buying everywhere, including american companies.

    But now that we enacted our Defense act and require our companies to fulfill our orders, you are all of a sudden back to hating the US?

    I was hoping people would understand and fight this together. But it seems many have a me first attitude. We share and we ALWAYS help during times of crisis. We help enemy and ally alike during natural disasters and famine.

    Now that we need to help ourselves, we get the finger pointing and evil words? We are not asking for france to give up her masks. We want our companies to produce our masks first, now that we need them.

  4. I can t believe this. The workers in mask making area are not wearing any of clean protective clothings!!
    No mask and no latex gloves either.
    And the man in beard is touching masks with bare hand…..oh no…..

  5. French's command of 4 milion of mask was "stole" by american directly on the tarmak because they gave china cash to take it: they gave them 4time the price . France has not the same budget! It was our order and we need it too! America make the price rise on purpose!!! Other countries force us to do it! My 66 years old father and my brother works in hospital with covid 19 patients, they only have 1 mask per day (even if it work max 4 hours) and some masks are 10years old masks…

  6. The mask manufacturers may find that after this difficult time they lose a lot of customers. I hope the NHs will find British manufacturers to help them out of this situation. I think this is a lesson in how we must learn to become more self sufficient.

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