Coronavirus infections double in a week in England with 17,000 new cases every day – BBC News


The number of coronavirus cases in England has doubled in a week – with the North East, North West and Yorkshire & the Humber the worst affected areas, according to the latest data.

The Office for National Statistics estimates that one in 240 people in England had the virus in the last week of September – with more than 17,000 people catching it every day.

Jane Hill presents BBC News at Ten reporting by health editor Hugh Pym.
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Date: October 14, 2020

21 thoughts on “Coronavirus infections double in a week in England with 17,000 new cases every day – BBC News

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  2. The media are so unbalanced and fail to question the Government policy on this. We can not go on with these restrictions. Many people don't seem to understand the consequences of these restrictions. Its time to open up the economy and get our lives back.

  3. People I urge you to reject all restrictions. Carry on your lives as normal. Openly mock the mask wearing sheep. Cancel your tv license. Try to stay positive. Try and help others stay positive. Good luck people. Be strong x

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  5. The CP has done its job well. While we vacillate and pontificate propagandas and spin our hamster wheels on useless information,the regime is preparing 8n the background their world take over. We are about to see Pearl Harbor days again.

  6. You to why its spreading so fast, the local secondary school near us the kits come out at home time in droves NO MASKS NO SOCIAL DISTANCING, climbing on friends backs faces up close chatting to mates, to them life as normal, then when you go in our local supermarket, non face mask wearers, Oh i have a problem with my face being covered ! and the ones that are have the moth covered and nose out LOL ! its all no point in laying down these measures when they are totally disregarded. besides everything you touch has the potential of spread, so why to toilet doors in pubs open inwards so you have to,mgrab a dirty handle on the way out !

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