Coronavirus: Italy lifts restrictions after world’s longest shutdown – BBC News


Italy, the first country in the world to impose a national lockdown to try to control the pandemic, has lifted some of its toughest restrictions.

The country has registered its lowest daily death toll since the lockdown began two months ago. But the effects of closing down much of the country have been harsh for many people.

In the United States, President Trump has again accused China of a cover-up over the origins of the coronavirus outbreak. Earlier this year Donald Trump was praising China’s handling of the crisis and congratulating President Xi.

But in recent weeks the American President has accused China’s government of failing to control the spread of the virus and of covering up the source of the infection.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reports from Mark Lowen in Italy and North America Editor Jon Sopel in Washington.

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Date: October 6, 2021

50 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Italy lifts restrictions after world’s longest shutdown – BBC News

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  3. Really… they didn't get hit nearly as bad as USA.. and here we are Mericans protesting against wearing masks still…. and barely any social distancing in the markets.. and public areas.. because we need our freedom and damn independence.. wearing masks is stripping that away… how dumb huh… At least Italians got their act together and fixed the problem immediately. WE DON't want lockdown.. we can't even stay in the house… guess we rather die here .

  4. Boycott China, China hid this virus from all over the world, not only this, China also spread this virus all over the world.
    Shame on you China

  5. The trump thing is interesting. Has anyone seen that Simpson’s episode where they invite the ‘business man’ in to build the monorail. Check it out. Sums up Trump.

  6. Fascist regime!!! End this lockdown now! This is a total global scam to benefit the WHO owner Bill Gates! The vaccine is what they want!

  7. Thanks to China and the Chinese for all this, who knew the virus was badly spreading in China but still wanna take to the whole world

  8. And People still think it all came from a bat !!

    Plandemic Stage 1
    Virus, Media, Scare Tactics, Fake Numbers,Global Lockdown, Law Enforcement

    Plandemic Stage 2
    Vaccines, ID Cards,
    Mass surveillance 24/7
    Unprecedented police powers

    Plandemic Stage 3
    Mobile phone companies will be required to share data on their clients

    Authorities will be even more intolerant towards any breaches. Fines will be heavier, jail terms longer.

    The skies will be filled with the sound of helicopters and the sight of drones.

    Plandemic Final Stage
    The World as we know it will change,

    Understanding the “Freedom” We Have Lost

    Government regulations oversee everything! command & controlled…….

    But that’s ok because the people are to scared to stand up for freedom !!!

    I broke it down !!!!!

  9. Sure , Trump right . China it is blames for tragic situation around all world . China has pay in money for other country kepe control of the health . Look we have : children , teans , old sofreing with pandemic Coronavirus cases

  10. Sure , Trump right . China it is blames for tragic situation around all world . China has pay in money for other country kepe control of the health . Look we have : children , teans , old sofreing with pandemic Coronavirus cases

  11. It's a shame the UK will have to stay in lockdown for another 2 months because people aren't obeying our lenient lockdown.

  12. As an Italian Living in the UK (and I never thought I'd say this), I'd feel much safer in my own country right now

  13. The audio is the report is inaccurate.. At 1min 37 the reporter say "Europe's worst hit country is taking no chances,". This is incorrect. Italy is the worst affected country in the EU. The worst affected country in Europe is the UK.

  14. Wishing Italy to stand tall once again, beat the virus for good, and recover from their economic losses.

  15. The Italians warned the uk goverment to lock down early and they choosed science intead their heading for a major disaster.Goodluck Italy our thoughts and prayers are with all love from N.Ireland ❤

  16. Seeing comments on here clearly not realising that we are now in a far worse situation than Italy and everyone is keen to end lockdown

  17. 01:20 – he touches his mask, meaning that if he had the virus, it would be on his hand and can spread. Once the mask is on, don't touch it, and take it off from the ears to discard & wash hands.

  18. This reporter should go to hell ! He played on peoples feelings… Made a girl with protective gloves almost touch her face !!! Didn't even warned her ! Idiot !

  19. IM an AMERICAN watching this here for the first time let me tell you this is all B S., they are not at all depicting what is really going on reality, this BBC is brainwashing the public.

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