Coronavirus: Prime Minister urges caution over lifting lockdown


After being treated in intensive care for COVID-19, the Prime Minister has returned to Downing Street where he said it was not the time to relax the nationwide lockdown.

#coronavirus #COVID19

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Date: May 6, 2020

49 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Prime Minister urges caution over lifting lockdown

  1. ffs when can we go fishing again and we all know it is the chinesees foult this virus has come world wide i know amairca are pressing charges are us english can press charges

  2. Good to see Boris back in good health. He hasn't put a foot wrong since claiming Premiership. I liked how he travelled around the country. Neither left or right politically, I am worried about Labour developments. 'Sir' Keir Starmer. I don't believe a 'sir' should ever become a Prime Minister. The reason being, we the people shouldn't literally look up to our leaders, we should feel like they are one of us. Boris has achieved that.

  3. The mortality rate of Coronavirus, is actually LOWER, than that of influenza. They were dealing with an unknown, so they had to take precautions, but enough is enough. End this nonsense NOW!

  4. Lockdown my arse..I know one uk cop who since the so-called lockdown (and before) has been driving home during their shift in service vehicles wearing uniform. This kind of practice has surely been a contributing factor in the PM and thousands of other people contracting the virus.. irresponsible hypocrisy or what!!

  5. Lots and Lots of bots and NPC's in the comments, also those likes must be from bots too. The lockdown itself is killing people not to mention that we are heading towards a depression that will kill even more people, the lockdown is illogical because the negatives completely outweigh the positives. People out there are zombies.

  6. What we hear is not what we see! The hospitals are not over run with this at all Ive spoke to people who work in hospitals. They tell me they have very few cases of this. The military hospitals they built in weeks across the country are all empty!! Why??? It's a big con that's why to cover up the world financial markets crash. This has been planned for years. Wake up people.

  7. What needs to happen now is a cast iron guarantee that the NHS won't be sold off to the yanks or anyone else after this. There needs to be proper, full funding for ALL key services without any strings. Get rid of Stephens &quality care commission who wants to privatise.

  8. I am a Labour man BUT pleased he pulled through and I think that under extremely difficult conditions he's trying his best for all of us…fair play to him for that!

  9. Boris has had a haircut. How did his barber manage to do this with a 2m social distance requirement I wonder? I'd like to see an easing on hair & nail salons restrictions. For nail salons it's quite easy, nail technicians already wear masks, clients should also wear masks, should also have to use sanitizer before treatments. Pedicures are already at 2m so not a problem but client should also use face masks, ditto for hair dressers. This farce has gone on long enough

  10. Boris is right. Watch out for the second wave. The 1968 Hong Kong flu pandemic killed an estimated one million people all over the world.
    It struck in two waves with the second wave being deadlier than the first.

  11. When reaction is taken. Not proaction. Result = highest per capita death rate in Europe. Still climbing. Nice one Bojo. I'll never forget the loss of life, was on your watch!

  12. But if were underlock down and thay say its going to be a long wait then why are the borders open letting ppl in the country lock down is lock down not with borders wide open I wonder why ppl are dying if he means lock down he should get the army in to stop ppl roaming the streets like other countrys have done sorry but there not doing enough to solve this crisis in my eyes

  13. Remember Boris those numbers do not include people who have died of Covid in care homes and at home so don’t use it to determine wether the lockdown is working or not.My advice is open the country now(the airports are open so there is no point of a lockdown anyway)so we can get back to our lives as a prolonged lockdown would do irreparable damage to the economy.We need to be better prepared for the next wave because there will be a next wave until a vaccine is found.How do we prepare?More PPE for frontline workers.Test,trace and quarantine.

  14. Nobody else is following social distancing advice in Asda or Tesco. My daughter and I do yet people are just shopping like pre-covid. It's a pity that some think they're above common sense.


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