Coronavirus: Senior Chinese officials 'removed' as death toll rises- BBC News


China has “removed” several senior officials over their handling of the coronavirus outbreak – as the death toll rises.
Some 242 deaths from the new coronavirus were recorded in the Chinese province of Hubei on Wednesday, the deadliest day of the outbreak.

There was also a huge increase in the number of cases, with 14,840 people diagnosed with Covid-19.

Hubei has started using a broader definition to diagnose people, which accounts for most of the rise in cases.

China sacked two top officials in Hubei province hours after the new figures were revealed.

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Date: February 16, 2020

42 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Senior Chinese officials 'removed' as death toll rises- BBC News

  1. The cruise ship is not the best place to quarantine people because of common facility like toilets and poor air ventilation, which is the place place to spread viruses. They should be send to other places where each person have a toilet and there are good air ventilation.

  2. mabuti naman at walang may Corona virus sa Britanya..wala din po sa Philippines ..pero may namatay na tourist na Chinese galing sa Wuhan .wala rin kaming local transmission..but our local Health Department warns us to be prepared

  3. Wow, no shit sherlock. You lock 400 on a boat with half of them infected and then your surprised it’s spreading. Is this a conspiracy to kill as many as possible?
    You need to talk to Doctor Logic

  4. China should CHANGE its policies in Africa, Asia, and Sign a Decree to Allow its Citizens to Worship GOD Freely, with no hindrance by the Chinese Government Forces.. Also Sign a Decree for Scriptures to be taught in all Schools from Kindergarten to the University. No Work or Businesses on Sunday! Sunday must be Honored as a Day of Worship to God! GOD IS ASKING CHINA TO TURN TO HIM, IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH! If China does ALL these, GOD Will stop the Virus!

  5. There are reports or video using of the Digital LCD Infrared Termometer in the forehead for measuring the citizen's temperature for inspection BUT of so many of their citizen suspected of being infected they upgraded and used real guns with real bullets to saved them of further outbreak or costly medical care!
    Where are the Human Rights Commission of the U.N. (United Nonsense)? Is this a creation of the brotherhood that promote falsehood to protect their unholy plan?
    May God above will judge us all righteously in the next life. And this time there's no escaping from hiding the absolute truth.

    (For purposes of decency no leak video website will be attached)

  6. Chinee people honest, only tell truth, believe Chinee people in all things, buy Chinese plastic junk for your kid so they die of cancer 30 years from now. Send Democrats to Chinese camps for re-education.

  7. Citizem journalist are being forcefully quarantine, arrested just like during SARS. The doctor who had revealed the SARS epidemic is under house arrest. Oh, he was also taken to military hospital where he suffered memory loss.
    China is still busy covering up

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