Coronavirus: Trudeau extends travel ban on UK; Health Canada approves Moderna vaccine | FULL


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Wednesday the extension of a two-week temporary travel ban from the United Kingdom amid the discovery of a new COVID-19 variant, as Health Canada approved Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Dr. Supriya Sharma, Chief Medical Advisor for Health Canada, said the approval of the vaccine is a “critical step” toward ensuring equitable access for communities in rural areas, who haven’t had access to Pfizer’s vaccine due to its extremely cold storage and transportation requirements.

Canada is set to receive up to 168,000 doses of the newly approved Moderna vaccine for the novel coronavirus before the end of December.

Trudeau also announced that Pfizer will be providing Canada with an additional 250,000 doses of its COVID-19 vaccine in January, bringing the total number of doses the country is expected to have, including Moderna’s vaccine doses, to 1.2 million by the end of January 2021.

He announced an additional $70 million in support for the Red Cross’ COVID-19 response, and the appointment of Vice-Adm. Art McDonald, the current Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, as a new Chief of Defence Staff.

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Date: October 4, 2021

35 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Trudeau extends travel ban on UK; Health Canada approves Moderna vaccine | FULL

  1. This is why they're creating isolation camps. They're going to promise to take all your debt and call this the "forgiveness program" and ask you to forfeit your property and force the vaccine… and those who refuse to participate will be sent to isolation camps and deemed a serious public health risk and have all assets seized.

  2. Fear that Social separation will break ties relationships and social strictures. This leads to the bed of societies with nothing but power and violence.
    Zionist New World Order

  3. The United States will soon collapse and many capitalist countries should have access to information ten years ago regarding economic issues in all parts of the world, especially America, Canada and Europe. The economic situation in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 was an economic crisis and affected the merchants who control trade. The International planned the so-called Corona virus in order to save their private companies and at the same time destroy small companies so that society is under the control of the bank and bound to debts like prisoners and now they will put the blame on Corona Virus that it has destroyed the economy. The truth is the opposite, America, Canada and Europe do not want to take the blame for their doings. The capitalist system is not good and did not serve society, and these are the consequences. Many experts warned of the collapse that was based on benefits, with an unfortunate policy that destroyed peoples. And because the real collapse appeared in this summer 2021, the so-called closure under the name Corona virus is spreading here and there in order to destroy small companies and the large unwanted companies and at the same time the legalization of these specific businesses in order to protect their own economy. Those traders also control the global trade. This is the failed policy because this system is based on the injustice and destruction of many societies in the world, especially the peoples in Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, as well as America, Canada and Europe, at the hands of those responsible for global trade- who also control society. Everyone should know at the beginning of this year 2021 to the next five months, many companies and banks will collapse the capitalist system. The interest system that destroyed the world will collapse and many governments, companies and banks have made this secret plan/information about society veiled under the name Corona virus. Clearly these are criminals.

  4. The cost of everything is going up thanks to the tax increases again. When this is over then you & Greta can go for a vegan picnic, but now Canadian’s need tax relief not increases!

  5. Lies again lies ,,,,he is trying to put a straight face when he talks about corona virus ,why ???? His face is full of fear and not sure what the hell he is talking about ,?,he knows it all ,,he knows nothing make scene when he talks about how the business are affected and families are not having real Xmas with their love once ,,do you people really buy these bullshits he is saying ,,,,,,his face shows he is not sure what he is saying ,,,he can't say the words properly how to put the lies in a orders because there is no balance how they killing the small businesses besides the families are falling apart this Xmas ,no job no money no family contact ,,no no no no no ,,,,dose Mr prime minister has the same rules for his family too ,,????? Hummnnnnn zzzzzzzzz I don't think soooooooo shame to lies and injustice 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴🤡

  6. This guy is a fraud! We have a vaccine why are we locking down again!? My fellow Canadians stop living in fear

  7. Can we just get rid of those idiots . I have not seen any one yet sick from this virus . They are ruining out economy and ruining our bodies with toxic vaccines full of heavy metals and viruses .

  8. That moderna vaccine 💉 name sounds like these legal weeds farms lol 😂 crazy 🤪 🗺 stay home 🏡 protect your self all the time, arm your self, the worst it didn't come yet.

  9. By leaving airports open we have allowed mutated versions of the virus in before we became immunized for the original virus. The federal government has made this situation worse by ignoring foreign travel. Newsflash your not doing a very good job protecting vulnerable Canadians.

  10. Why are so many still up in Cottage country. All you see are Licence plates with Toronto. and Area. What a Joke

  11. Justin Trudeau's entire purpose in life is to make sure that the Queen of England and her family's equity portfolios stay in profit. Guess what holdings are in those portfolios? Oil and drugs for sure

  12. you do realize that the prime minister here takes an oath to serve the Queen, not the Canadian people right? If the Queens family owns shares in pfizer and BP which I'm sure they do the prime minister would technically just be like a sales agent for the Queen. So if there is a conflict of interest between the Queen and the Canadian public, Justin Trudeau has an oath to serve the Queen and serve Canadians as secondary

  13. They have no choice but to press on with this fear campaign.

    The alternative would be admit that "COVID-19" was never more than the regular flu with a scary "covert" name, and risk opening the door to trillion dollar lawsuits.

    Everyone who's scared s#–l3s$ by this "pandemic" needs top scrape their face off their boob tube, go out into the real world and see for themselves that the way this virus is being portrayed in the media has absolutely no basis in reality.

  14. I go no where did not get to spend time with my grandchildren it was our turn we have to share this year no grandkids in our home. I love our country and long live Justin Trudeau. Thank you happy new year Bonny Henry thank you I feel safe

  15. You'll have to hold me down and give it to me. And then, oooohhhh boy. It's over, bud. – A Regular Canadian

  16. Covid-19 the government is way behind. Citizens don't behave they need to be told what to do stop being so weak. As for Trudeau keep working hard to be a real leader and use your power to make real differences. Do what's right no matter how many people oppose you keep your will strong to keep our planet here as long as possible in best health. Without mother Earth we all don't stand much of a chance do we? Keep up the good work

  17. What's more dangerous taking a vaccine or travelling to the UK? Obviously the one that the premiered is against is the safest travelling is fine but taking that vaccine is super dangerous guess what he want you to do the dangerous one because he's not your friend. These r our enemies

  18. Trudeau n'est que le porte paroles / panier percé de ceux qui font que les nouvelles deviennent votre réalité !?

  19. Please stop using this vaccine
    That is not cure all is just About money .
    Poeple don’t use this killing vaccine that is 3World Order

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