Coronavirus: UK no-quarantine travel list to be announced – watch live


Travel secretary Grant Shapps is expected to announce the countries which will be on the government’s green, amber and red lists for travel 

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Date: September 13, 2021

22 thoughts on “Coronavirus: UK no-quarantine travel list to be announced – watch live

  1. Yeah, you see that guardian news? All those juicy dislikes? Why do you even bother uploading when most people hate your guts?

  2. My dad died of it last April my mums a nurse was dealing with a covid patient she got it and so did my dad He died in icu in the same hospital my mum worked at. I guess people don't understand unless they have experienced it

  3. I don't get it if we're serious about corona quarantine should be for all countries and stay that way is not like all countries are honest about being corona free

  4. The best way to steal and control the masses legally is now very easy– join the government!! Does anyone else feel duped into believing a false sense of security???

  5. Brexiters will be happy when they can holiday on the Mediterranean again eating exotic food like Heinz beans and McDonalds burgers and watching Sky TV.

  6. "No UK quarantine list to be announced" = UK quarantine list to be announced soon

    Let's see if i was right couple months from now.

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