Coronavirus updates from around the world – BBC News


The US remains the epicentre of the pandemic, with close to 3 million confirmed cases. In Latin America, the health system is under pressure in Bolivia, Brazil’s cases have passed 1.6 million and the government in El Salvador has delayed reopening the economy. India has recorded almost 700,000 confirmed cases – the world’s third highest total. Israel has re-imposed some restrictions after a spike in infections. Two Australian states have shut down their shared border for the first time in more than a century due to a cluster of cases in Melbourne.

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Date: October 1, 2021

37 thoughts on “Coronavirus updates from around the world – BBC News

  1. Appears china has actually used biological vapon on the world without any reasons. Today or tomorrow the world will realise it. Who is responsible for millions of deaths around the world?

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  3. Millions of homeless people around the world perfectly fine when comes to this virus because they don't whach BBC'S news…

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  5. Surge upon surge continues. God help all. "O Divine Providence! All existence is begotten by Thy bounty; deprive it not of the waters of Thy generosity, neither do Thou withhold it from the ocean of Thy mercy." ~ Baha'i Prayer

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  10. Solution to the virus: stop being a coward and realize people get sick sometimes

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  13. Les anglosaxons sont les plus touchés par le Covid19 !! leur système de santé est digne du moyen âge!!!…. Matt, FRANCE.

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  15. The bbc and main stream media should be canceled regardless of who you support in politics, a article about trumps hair proves how biased and focused and swaying elections and every media post so many pointless bashing election swaying articles should be charged with felony level crimes. Time for the new movement #cancelmainstreammeida #supportprivatereporters #mainstreammediacarestoseperateus, I’ve already taken a screen shot of this so if this comments is deleted it’ll be notified of the biases censorship. Second I live in Florida and work all over the whole state it really isn’t as bad as you are saying here, in fact every hospital I’ve popped into to check out and talk with nurses also proves how polictial based this video is. If the virus is so bad then every hospital patient should be dead based off how the hospitals are handling it, just like baker act units are just there to push pills

  16. You won’t see these guys wearing these suits when they are off work…and many without a mask.🙃

  17. Let me fix that title: "spam updates from around the world."
    Stop. Spamming. Now. Please. How many bloody times do we have to ask?

  18. Australia ,Victoria people locked down in flats complaining. I believe our Government are doing a great job supporting Australians all over . Keep up the good work Morrison Gov! Proud to be Australian!

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