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Unfortunately, the coronavirus that is currently spreading worldwide does not stop at the entertainment industry. Disneyland recently closed its doors, various sports have been suspended and the E3 games fair has been cancelled. The film world is also affected, as many films have been postponed or put on hold for an indefinite period in view of the current situation. In the following we will give you an overview of the currently known postponements, the stopped productions as well as the early releases of movies for home cinema. Similar to Disney’s live action “Mulan” movie, “A Quiet Place 2”, the romantic comedy “The Lovebirds”, “The New Mutants”, Marvel’s first Phase 4 movie “Black Widow” and many more, only that all these movies will be postponed indefinitely. Also affected by the corona virus are current productions of movies and series. Among them is the planned Uncharted movie with Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg, which will be paused for 6 weeksSaturday Night Live Live will also be suspended for three weeks. The production of “Matrix 4”, “The Batman”, the second season of “The Witcher”, “Jurassic World”, as well as all Marvel and Disney+ series will also be on hold for the time being…

Under the hashtag #releasethesnydercut the demand has been circulating on the internet for some time now that the version of “Justice League” created by Zack Snyder should finally be released. A similar and admittedly quite funny request now exists for the movie “Cats”, which was very much scorned by critics and moviegoers and which was released in the cinemas at the end of last year. The only difference is that it doesn’t demand the cut version of another director, but the version in which you can also see the rear body openings of the cats, which were inserted by CGI and removed by computer only a few weeks before in an elaborate work. At least that’s what you can read on Twitter in an answer of Jack Waz to a tweet of ben mekler…

Besides all the cancellations and postponements caused by the corona virus there is at least some good news for anime fans, as the series “Bleach”, which aired between 2004 and 2012, is supposed to be continued after all. At least if you believe the leaked cover of the manga magazine “Weekly Shonen Jump”, which is published regularly since 1968. It was already known before that there will be a big announcement for the anniversary of the “Bleach” series, but now it’s finally clear which one. The series sequel is supposed to revolve around the so-called “Thousand-Year Blood War” storyline from the manga series. When and how the series will be continued with the 15-year-old student is unfortunately not yet known…

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Date: May 11, 2020

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  2. Get ready for major waves of arrests coming during ths time of lockdown. Nowhere to run – nowhere to hide. Some of the biggest names in entertainment and politics are going to face major time in jail if not shortened lifespan. This is what this lockdown is all about. And now that the censorship of both Google and Youtube is off, you can do your own research.

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