Coronavirus: We will have summer tourist season, promises EU – BBC News


A gradual lifting of borders has been proposed by the EU’s executive in an attempt to kick-start a tourist industry hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Our message is we will have a tourist season this summer,” said economic affairs commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, “even if it’s with security measures and limitations.”

Borders closed across the EU, including the border-free Schengen zone.

But states are starting to reopen them.

Austria and Germany have become the latest EU countries to agree to remove travel restrictions.

From Friday there will be random checks at border crossings and then on 15 June free movement should resume. “We want to make people’s everyday lives easier and take another step towards more normality,” said Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

UK travellers have already been warned not to expect “lavish” international holidays, with plans for a 14-day quarantine on air arrivals. But travel without quarantine will be possible to France.

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Date: October 15, 2020

45 thoughts on “Coronavirus: We will have summer tourist season, promises EU – BBC News

  1. Anyone who is prepared to lock themselves in an aluminium tube for 4 hours breathing the same air as 200/300 others (social distancing is pointless on an airplane) will be at huge risk of contracting COVID 19. Is having a holiday abroad really worth that risk!

  2. Europe needs the British holiday maker for the bankrupt especially Spain Portugal and Italy they're not falling us it's money that counts..

  3. . Europe needs the British holiday makers especially in Spain Portugal Italy or they'll be bankrupt without the British pounds. You rather 27 members of the Union what is the Union bought you misery bankruptcy. If you were the states have got any sense get out of the EU now. It's a sinking ship with rats trying to get off off the boat

  4. Belgium is the worst-hit country of northern/central Europe, but in Italy or Spain everybody susceptible is already dead so they wouldn't mind if we visit their resorts, spend some cash 🌞🌴🤣

  5. Aye all the rich AirBnB are putting pressure on the powers tat be and saying get tis scam sorted out we want to make money!

  6. I am not thinking about holidays this year. I am dreaming of having my urgent surgery which was meant to take place in March and yet was delayed by Covid indefinitely. That is what I care about.

  7. No way, I don’t think international travel will happen until next year… I wouldn’t even want too.. hope our borders don’t open for awhile until we know more about this virus.. Going to explore my own back yard more in BC Canada 🇨🇦

  8. In Britain, we MUST have caution. And I must say that we've had a very serious damage to vulnerable communities in the land. And we must hold off from allowing visitors to come from the towns and cities to scenic sites and seasides in Britain. We can't afford to end up in a second spike in infections and deaths! This has not been helped by the decision to ease restrictions in England. Scotland and Wales are being cautious about that! We can't afford to do without a vaccine against Covid-19.

  9. Why, why, WHY…is money ALWAYS put before lives 🤦 …. i for one will NOT be going on holiday this year, or probably next year. Its absolutely ridiculous…money, money, money… you all wana be ashamed of yourselves fat cats

  10. I will be travelling as I have a strong belief in my protector who will protect me and guide me safely.. amen praise god ..

  11. Come to a hotel and get stuck there for weeks I very much doubt people will go on holiday unless they got there own holiday home to stay in hotel won’t be safe

  12. You fly somewhere but you need 2 weeks quarantine. What's the point? unless you can afford to be away from work for two months, it's not going to work because when you go back to your country, you will need another 2 weeks quarantine.

  13. Great go on holiday if you can afford to, the reality is most of the British pubic certainly aren't financial stable. Go and wear a mask and latex gloves on the beach in soaring heat, how alluring.

  14. I think during the rest of this year in general, people will be more prone to travel to local tourist spots before being confident enough to fly abroad to other destinations

  15. People! Please be sensible and just skip holidays this year, I know it’s really difficult but I think it’s safest thing to do to protect yourselves and others. We had holidays sitting at home for 2 month period of time, I know it’s not the same but it’s just not worth to go abroad for the sake of keeping the distance from other people, not being able to interact with them because what kind of holiday is that. Btw, I wouldn’t want to go to countries where thousands of people are mourning the death of their loved ones, but must go to work because of the survival issue. Their government should help them and so the whole EU should unite to help the poorest countries and for this year leave these countries at peace imo. By choosing to go on these holidays it is a very selfish act just showing how ignorant and disrespectful we are just thinking of ourselves and our needs only…

  16. So basically they want people to risk their lives – because they think the general public is that stupid to listen to them – for purely financial reasons to ensure that these rich multinational companies in the tourism industry survive….?! Clearly governments are not putting public health first but money over everything……..

  17. Holidays? People are trying to stay afloat with mortgage payments and food supplies. This is a recession and very likely a depression. All the airlines are going bust. Warren buffet has sold all his shares in airlines. And you think people going on holiday will save the economy? Great.

  18. can we not just get a grip and realise we’re not having a holiday, essential travel yes but you’re not getting a summer holiday end of

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