Coronavirus: What could new restrictions look like in England? – BBC Newsnight


The UK government is likely to tighten coronavirus restrictions for parts of England on Monday – including the possibility of closing pubs and restaurants. Please subscribe HERE

The changes could see three tiers introduced for local lockdowns, but ministers are now discussing how severe the top tier should be.

It comes as new rules were announced for central Scotland, which will see pubs and restaurants close in the area.

Meanwhile, the number of UK cases rose by 14,162 on Wednesday, with a further 70 deaths announced.

No final decision has been made on the extent of the potential closures in England, but schools are not expected to close.

There are already tighter restrictions in place in parts of the north-east and north-west of England, Birmingham and Leicester, where the rate of infection has been rising.

Newsnight’s Political Editor, Nick Watt, and Health Correspondent, Deb Cohen, report.


Date: October 14, 2020

22 thoughts on “Coronavirus: What could new restrictions look like in England? – BBC Newsnight

  1. sorry guys and girls we aint gonna beat this…young people are spreading this, herd imuneity is the only way…..people will die…….i fear for my parents

  2. If you are sceptical about the current approach, read and maybe sign and share The Great Barrington Declaration backed by eminent epidemiologists from Oxford, Harvard and Stamford: @t

  3. Bojo is the right man for the job …he's employed to cause chaos and confusion and he's doing it very well …. agenda 21/30 in full swing

  4. Wow ramming all those numbers down my throat has really made it clearer, Boris I could have written you a better script! I scare people just by speaking my mind. 😂

  5. Shut the hospitality industry for 6 months and make them pay each staff members wages. This industry failed miserably in adhering to Covid guidance. They packed customers in without even thinking of customer safety as it was cash driving this industry. I would like the tax payer to not have to bail this industry out as these scrounging businesses took the tax payer for a right set of mugs.

  6. Its a load of bollocks, if according to there figures America has had 7 million cases and a whopping 5 million have recovered Brazil has had 5 million and 4.5 million have recovered and India has had 7 million cses and had a recovery rate of some 6 million i would say they have sucessfully managed to tackle this controller virus. Lke i said its tottal balls all of it

  7. all the harshest restrictions are in non tory councils, but safe tory seats get away with little to none, funny that eh?

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