COSMOS SEASON 3 TRAILER | National Geographic


COSMOS: POSSIBLE WORLDS is helmed by Carl Sagan’s collaborator Ann Druyan, who boldly carries the torch forward with the 3rd season of the most beloved science show on the planet. Series premieres 3/9, at 8/7c, on Nat Geo; hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson.
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COSMOS SEASON 3 TRAILER | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: June 3, 2020

33 thoughts on “COSMOS SEASON 3 TRAILER | National Geographic

  1. This new series is a triumphant return. Excellent viewing for all the family. Informative and entertaining.
    Neil DGTyson is a worthy successor to Carl Sagan. Well done to all involved in the making.

  2. This season was Absolutely mesmerizing. Cinematography,VFX,lighting,sound mixing,direction and nonetheless the dialogue delivery of NDT💎💛. This show depicted the importance of questioning,curiosity and imagination in our lives and also showcased how prejudice and politics hampered progression.

  3. Why it's call season 3 when it's actually the second one? A spacetime odyssey, season 2?, then season 3: possible worlds. What am i missing, what is season 2?

  4. Downloaded 10 episodes of cosmos: possible world from torrent and now watching 4th episode….Its masterpiece of cosmic series. I have watched many space and univers series like how universe works, wonders of the universe by prof brian cox, Stephen Hawkings universe series, but this series's graphic presentation and story telling technique using animation is fantastic and unimaginable.
    Adding few things to my view experience is this documentary got its popularity ony because of Prof. Neil degrasse tyson – The best cosmologist at the present day.

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