Could Humans Survive A Nuclear Apocalypse? | Fallout Science Deconstructed


In Fallout 4, we explore surviving a nuclear war. What would it take to actually survive one?
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50 Facts About U.S. Nuclear Weapons Today



Date: September 27, 2019

49 thoughts on “Could Humans Survive A Nuclear Apocalypse? | Fallout Science Deconstructed

  1. You can survive if your wearing is radio-proof suit and your hiding underground at 2ft. and you need to bring medic kit food supply and pure water also knife katana flashlight and colt 1911 pistol if you don't have that gun be creative use a bat with spikes use a hammer use a
    Axe or use a pingpong bat with installed ball but stay reasonable also be awere of raiders that killing people to survive if you wanna have some team mates find a setler or a peole without guns

  2. The 20 years figure is a tad misleading, that's 20 years where it will be below the 56*C global temperature.

    it will only be fairly frozen for the 1st year, limiting your harvesting prospects to apples, wintergrain, Roots, and a limited collection of beasts that can survive in canadian or russian climate.

  3. I only have the brain to understand lofe noggin let aloune that ypu then make anuther channel wich is btw half of it if my life basicly, games and then you squash it together with the thing that im ok at but I dont understand it about history. And more but its the way you give the example "like squashing two cows together " anyone els understand me

    This is not a hate comennt its gust me being the weirdo I am I give props to anyone who actually understands this channel I can handle life noggin but this oje is to confusing hahaha

  4. Well, in the Fallout lore, the bombs were more designed as dirty bombs rather than destruction, so I'd dial up the radiation and tone down the destruction when thinking about this. Not sure how much of a difference it would make for people on the surface, but that would save the people in vaults, right?

  5. Fallout 4 is set in a different timeline to our own an alternate reality where they never phased out the 1950's style and thinking. things such as the transistor and microprocessor were not invented, Communism was still feared and frowned upon and you can go to a pharmacy and buy a drug that somehow gets rid of radiation effects and poisoning in mere seconds.

    It is mentioned that the the fallout world has for more nukes in it than our real life counterpart, most range from 200- 700 kilotons of TNT. Instead of down scaling electronics and entering the computer age of the 70s and 80s, the fallout universe stayed in the atomic age of the 50-60s, Nuclear technology became so advanced they could literally make a fusion reactor the size of a battery. This gave them the template for the development of portable direct energy weapons, atomic powered vehicles, buildings with their own nuclear generators..robotic house keeps and warriors, even powered exoskeletons.

    The 13 commonwealths of America (Which is what the united states became at the end of the 60s in fallout) was heavily influenced and reliant of nuclear power and was less reliant on oil and fossil fuels like the countries of the European commonwealth and the middle east. This allowed America to gain global domination in terms of wealth and raw power.

    It's greatest rival was the Peoples Republic of China, The USSR still existed by the time, of the great war in 2077, their was no cold war but it was more of a soft power, and it's relations with America were far better than they are in real life which haven't really improved since the end of the cold war, possibly due to being allies in WWII which were pursued more in Fallout.

    A major difference was Americas relation with Vietnam, America actually declared war on Vietnam in the fallout universe which didn't happen in real life, the outcome of the war was unknown but it is suggest that America actually defeated them in the Fallout universe. It was likely America did this to gain territory closer to it's biggest rival China.

    It was also shown that America had orbital nuclear weapons platforms in fallout 3 as one was sued by the Enclave which was the name of the continuation of the US government.

    It's cool that you are tying to break down Fallout's science but it is mostly largely fictional and hypothetical science based on a 1950s vision of the future.

  6. I was a big fan of the fallout series (well only fallout and new vegas) Because of the building in fallout 4 the armour customization Oh but stuborn me gave up on all that. I stopped because I had talked to this farmer who needed his sword back because his son stole it so I came to the place where it was. There was 3 guys in power armour 1 holding a sword on fire and the other 2 were using lazer rifles So i quit after that because I realized I would be no match for fallout 5 If there is one coming And my real name is also Julian so good to be with yah play noggin

  7. Fallout is dependent on what type of explosion occurs. If it is an air burst Fallout is limited and would not cause "Fallout" video game type scenario. The only way that would happen is from a ground burst which in the modern plan for the use of nuclear weapons would not happen. Strategy would be to air burst let the radiation clear over several weeks and then move into the area. This has been known for 60 years.

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