Countdown to completion for Big Big restoration- BBC News


One of London’s most famous landmarks, Big Ben, has been largely silent since 2017 as it underwent a massive refurbishment.

The Great Clock, which the bell is part of, has been dismantled and repaired as part of the renovation project.

It’s proved a mammoth task and delays, caused by the pandemic, have seen costs spiral to more than £80m.

As Big Ben’s time to chime moves ever closer, BBC correspondent Tim Muffett speaks to engineers and historians about the unique challenges – and privileges – of working on this once-in-a-lifetime project.

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Date: September 11, 2021

35 thoughts on “Countdown to completion for Big Big restoration- BBC News

  1. How come all the Parliaments of the world are these multi billion plush grand things with free bars, all MPs should work from asbestos style garages

  2. How the fcuk can you budget £29m and it come in over £80m!!!! Who in government agrees these contracts? You say it's £29m…..anything over is the responsibility of the contractors!!!

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