Countries ban travel from UK after new variant of COVID-19 detected


Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced new, strict lockdown rules in the face of the new emerging strain, which scientists say spreads 70% faster than the original virus.

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Date: September 20, 2021

30 thoughts on “Countries ban travel from UK after new variant of COVID-19 detected

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  2. Saying silent prayers… "Lord! Turn the distressing cares of Thy holy ones into ease, their hardship into comfort, their abasement into glory, their sorrow into blissful joy, O Thou that holdest in Thy grasp the reins of all mankind!" ~ Baha'i Faith

  3. By the way not even the new vaccines work on this so it’s gonna take another year for a new vaccine this virus changed the world so much it looks like a apocalypse right now 2020 and 2021 has been like the apocalypse I hope everyone stays safe and stay in your homes no matter what but it’s ok to get groceries or go to someone’s house stay safe everyone 😃

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  9. Here is all you need to know. God knows the media won't tell you what you need to know.
    This uk variant is the announcement of phase three of operation lockstep 2020. Here below are all the details. Enjoy share with friends. It's hard to pull an evil agenda when everyone knows what going to happen next. Awareness is key.

  10. How did the U.S and the UK get trampled. You think they would be the world leaders in the fight against the plague.

  11. The U.K. last week warned of a new ccp virus variant that is spreading much faster than the original strain of the disease

  12. Chemicals will be doubled, heavily sprayed into our skies starting in January to intentionally make more individuals ill. PCR test were designed to detect MYCOPLASMA, not RNA. 5g radiation pulses are destroying thousands of respiratory systems. Do research, we are being deceived.

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