COVID-19: Chinese scientists created the virus; study


The coronavirus lab leak theory has been gaining more traction, with circumstantial evidence growing about the Wuhan lab.

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Date: September 22, 2021

38 thoughts on “COVID-19: Chinese scientists created the virus; study

  1. Ya with american companies and Fauci certain sources are saying. Wouldn't it be something if American capitalism once again released another global pandemic. We created lime disease so why wouldn't we create other goofs.

  2. its the Government* the big Countrys like china and USA invented Covid 19 becouse there are too many people on this world! They need to kill some somehow. This is how i think

  3. Please y'all help me pray a long life for Dr Ikpoko on YouTube cause he got lots of work to do here for our people

  4. “The vaccine should be tested on politicians first. If they survive, the vaccine is safe.
    If they don’t, then the country is safe.”
    —Monika Wisniewska


  6. Of all the countries for this to come from why couldnt it have come from someone who actually gave a damn and sealed it off

  7. Gain of function research started in the USA with Dr. Fauci. The NIH funded research in the USA and was forced to stop here. It was then sent to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. It is a fact that the NIH funded the Wuhan lab. There's more than meets the eye here. It's well known that the elites want to depopulate the earth. Follow the money. Wake up!

  8. Now they are releasing new variants like the apple mobile versions and dispersing through high tech ultra Sonic b42 bombers discreetly in the air, it is insane the spikes are actually attacks of dispersion, more people locked up, more is gambling problem

  9. Communism will consume this planet in the end…I can feel it. Evil rules this world, as it always has. Communism is the end result of psycopaths ruling over everyone else. If the bible is real then this was going to happen anyways.

  10. Covid has always been around for decades, to take control over Africa's recources and the world at large, china decided to use it in their advantage, to solve their poluted , overpopulated enviroment , , in partnership for riches with the continents heavyweights.

    Trump made efforts to fight this , which was impossible cause of dark secrets America has, hence they brought him down….

    USA were about to release cure for HIV/AIDS around 2023, with plans to substitute ARV's / to benefit from Covid19 vaccines, China ruined those efforts by modifying it and leaked it first, due to statement mentioned above.

    So if you vaccinate or not , ooohhh lemmi stop ,

    Read Books

  11. What about this theory.
    China has 1.4 billion people, Australia has 25 million. USA has 330 million.

    Say you expect Covid to end up killing 50% of the worlds population. Everyone says no country would do that.

    China releases the virus, it ends up killing 50% of the worlds population.

    China now has 700 million, Australia 12 million and the USA 165 million.

    What a great way to devastate the world but China with 700 million quickly becomes the only super power

  12. I mean the absolute timeframe was perfect to release the virus with millions flying from all over the globe to celebrate chinese new year,then when it was contracted they took the virus back around the globe to infect all the innocent people,they were actually attending banquets at that time and people were in buses,catching planes and going back to the provinces,the thing was to they censored all relative information which was crucial to act quickly and decisively,but even the doctor who first addressed the problem to the authorities was told not to say anything,he was on the front line as a doctor treating patients,Dr Lee contracted the virus and passed away.

  13. The intelligence investigation report released by the US Office of National Intelligence just a few days ago, stipulated that the Covid 19 virus was NOT weaponised and that it was not engineered in a lab. So, why wasn’t that report broadcasted by your media? Let me answer that because it wasn’t controversial, it wasn’t news worthy, it wasn’t scandalous, despite the fact that it has been proven that Covid 19 wasn’t created in a lab in China.

  14. damn i got postivie becoz of this mf why whyyyyy im not racist, i swear why you guys ahhh be safe everybody covid is real cant breath rn

  15. china will not say anything specially if you are not chinese, behind the truth china government only knows that virus, and what purpose why they created it for what reason we don't know but one thing only china are the larges population in the world maybe they created that virus to kill other nationality and when that happens all country will be under chinese government, china wants to conquer all country thats only thing why they make virus to kill other nationality to make one nationality chinese

  16. The covid virus was patented for a CIA military biolab several years ago, brought to the Fort Dietrick lab in USA from there transferred to the Wuhan lab to accuse China of spreading it.

  17. 我能夠理解為什麼這個視頻下面沒有大陸人評論,但是
    Translation: I’m surprised that there seem to be no Chinese or taiwanese who give comments. Why would that happen

  18. Biological warfare from world governments against humanity. World Governments are conspiring to control population in order to reduce the green house gas emissions because people moves and people's movement require a lot of petroleum fuel to burn.

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