COVID-19: Government aim to simplify UK's traffic light travel rules


Apprenticeships and skills minister Gillian Keegan says the government will announce changes to simplify the traffic light travel restrictions this week.

Ms Keegan said it was necessary to tread a ‘careful balance’ when opening up travel, but added that rules needed to be “simple enough for people to understand and to take their own decisions” when heading abroad.

It follows criticism of a rumoured amber watchlist of countries which may move on to the red list and the so-called amber-plus list on which only France has been placed.

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Date: September 11, 2021

43 thoughts on “COVID-19: Government aim to simplify UK's traffic light travel rules

  1. What an absolute bullshit!!! So many lies!!! They just want to control and kill us !!! Are we going to let them to do it ? 🤔

  2. IAM sickened of disinformation. Went to a funeral in France. Had previously been vaccinated with two jabs, had booked two PCR privately paid tests + had to be tested in France again privately. Paid almost £200 on tests. Received phone calls every day from the NHS as I was told to be in quarantine for 10 days. And then heard that people traveling from France will be exempted of 10?days isolation requirements !!! I am fuming 😡

  3. As James Madden comments "She cant h01d the laughs" ! yes WAKE UP. " wake up people understand these lot"! Such a huge fraud, how can these politicians sleep at night !

  4. South Africa on 5,000 cases and still on red after 6 months.. India on 40,000 cases a day and after 1 month it's off the red list.. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE

  5. With no checks on goods coming in just imagine how many people are being smuggled in now, especially with the French almost certainly waving them on.

  6. People don't know whether they are coming or going, my lights were always on green throughout, turned my TV off 💯👍😂

  7. We are at the point now where only two kinds of people want any kind of lockdown measurements .. the terrified sheep and the absolute BUMS who have coasted in government handouts while they spend their days chilling out.. those clowns never want this to end.. lazy twats

  8. I love how they keep wheeeling out Gillian Keegan, safe seat in Chichester MP and very much does whatever the whip tells her to do. She's the skills and apprenticeships minister, not health, travel ect. Clearly the gov feels having her publicly front things is good PR

  9. Fuc* me sideways, I clicked on this thinking the road traffic light rules were being changed hzhahahahahahahahahah waste of 4 mins

  10. Control and cages people's. With variants of lies .
    Let the people's free . They have imunitate sistem . The Northic country's. Japan. Al lot of country no any kind restrictions. And no deaths.
    Just controlled uk , more and more limitations.
    In comunism they revolutions. To be fee.
    People's needs to free themselves from .
    Controllers. Till it's not too late.

  11. I’m not sure about this rule I mean it me it’s way to confusing I rather do something that makes sense & is simple to do I don’t think the traffic lights thing is necessary. I think we need a 3rd vaccine at my opinion to make sure we 100% safe

  12. This government have no common sense, so the chance of simplifying anything is nil!! The biggest bunch of numpties I have ever had the misery to tolerate. GET OUT NOW AND GIVE US A CHANCE TO PROGRESS!!

  13. So india with the highest covid cases but they coming down to Amber but countries with low cases still on red list its just politics funny how Turkey 🇹🇷 is on red list is it because they make a lot of money from tourist 🤔 cant wait to see this government out of number 10

  14. So they take india of the red list ? How? Why? Delta variant not ring a bell? Or did they take india off because of preeti and rishi?

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