COVID-19: Prime Minister suspends quarantine-free travel in the UK from Monday


Prime Minister Boris Johnsons suspends quarantine-free travel in the UK from Monday with arrivals needing proof of a negative Covid test before setting off.

The Chief Executive of Airlines UK has accepted the decision to rescind travel corridors, but has called for restrictions to be eased again “when it is safe to do so”.

Although the vaccine rollout is ramping up, pressure continues to increase on hospitals, with England’s Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty warning the number of hospital admissions will peak within the next 10 days.

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Date: September 11, 2021

26 thoughts on “COVID-19: Prime Minister suspends quarantine-free travel in the UK from Monday

  1. Two tier society in place. Politicians travel and are seen in restaurants, groups, orgies and they're just going in business where as it costs the rest of us our time and 2x the amount ticket price.

  2. And the morons below who still think everything being done is about a virus. Over a year and believing in scary boogie man variant stories. La la land

  3. Red list countries:

    Cape Verde,Chile,Colombia
    Democratic Republic of the Congo
    French Guiana,Guyana
    Portugal (including Madeira and the Azores)
    Rwanda,Seychelles,South Africa
    United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    All African and South American countries, how convenient. So the US is ok the country with the most casualties at least thats what they say.
    Mindfuck is what they are doing with us. Making everybody scared for a virus which isn’t deadly at all.

  4. A nice video, we have so many nice places to see in this world. Happy traveling!

  5. Lovely video, we have so many nice places to see in this world. Happy traveling!

  6. Where was the government advising people to eat healthy food, taken vit D3, c, a, to stop smoking and drinking alcohol and eating food full with pesticides and herbicides. To boost there immune system!!!!!

  7. I think rich people should be allowed nice holidays while I eat porridge at home, I've been watching the news for several years now

  8. the great scam for the great reset continues, not long now before all are held accountable for treason and are hung from the tower of London by the British public

  9. the virus with mortality rate 0.001% they destroyed own economy and made rich people richest, imposed face covering even there is no evidence it really works, now selling snake oil m-RNA to vaccinate sick people so they die quicker (see Norway 23 people recently died after medical experiment – Doctor Mengele would be proud of GOV). Yet they did not figure it out that lockdown kills more people than freedom. They lie lie lie lie and lie to death of own nations.

  10. Every other country: from March 2020 self isolation upon arrival is compulsory
    UK: from January 2021 self isolation upon arrival must take place based on trust

  11. I think they won't this to spread part of there plan to thin the population down, it's like the survivors filmed on the BBC in the 90s

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